Rus News Journal


GMII it. Of A.S.Pushkin

Art gallery and Henry Afanasevicha Brokara`s scientific collections / till August, 10th

Futurism. Italy - Russia. Radical revolution / till August, 31st

the State memorial estate Tsarina`s

Time to collect... / till July, 10th

the XX-th century in Russian museum / till September, 9th

the State Tretyakov gallery on Crimean to a shaft

V.M.Konashevich. To 120 - letiju from the date of a birth. A drawing/ till September, 1st

the Museum of actual art ART4. ru

Timur Novikov. Painting, a drawing/ till June, 30th

the New Arena

Struggle for a banner. The Soviet art between Stalin and Trotsky / till the end of June

Central Department Store

China... Forward! / till June, 30th

parkway Chistoprudnyj

the Underwater world . David Dubile/ till August, 31st


the House of Nashchokina

Alexander Petrov. my love - film creation / till August, 15th


Halls Rigroup

Twelve . Barbara Kruger/ till June, 29th

Alexey Buldakov/ till June, 29th

Fajn Art

Zurab Tsereteli. A sensuality / till June, 26th

Stella Art Foundation

Yury Albert. Painting, a drawing, a sculpture/ till July, 7th

culture Fund Ekaterina

Victor Alimpiev. Whose is an exhalation? / till July, 28th

Gari Tatintsjana Gallery

George Kondo/ till August, 1st