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Drank always

According to F.Brockhaus and I.Efron`s encyclopaedia, in 1894 in Russia 1318 breweries which have in aggregate welded 30 million 701 thousand buckets worked, or has given, as 1 has given is equal 10 l, or to 1 bucket. beer in pre-revolutionary Russia was popular, and its consumption constantly grew - the expert in the field of brewing Dmitry Fatjuhin speaks. By 1914 in money terms the volume pivoproizvodstva has made 31,5 million rbl., and by quantity of factories the Petersburg and Moscow provinces, and also Lifljandsky and Warsaw, nowadays - Finland and Poland were in the lead.

according to mister Fatjuhina, to 90 % of made production extended in a segment ontrejd, as then beer on draught was cheaper . Cost of a bottle, a label and a stopper several times increased the end-product price, to buy which had possibility only the provided public . Already in those days there were grades democratic which drank in taverns and taverns, and were of noble family grades which were delivered in restaurants. There were classical grades a fortress 4 - 7 % (such beer was called white strong ) and even nonalcoholic ( pivtso ), diluted with water and on sale in roadside taverns. Even during the Soviet period national beer where the beer mug cost as much, how many and a bottle in shop, was enough.

pitija - long process, a special role in which experts take away Returning of the lost culture of educational activity. They consider that it is necessary to create museums and expositions, to publish books on stories of brewing and beer guidebooks.