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Theatre of one cannibal

Festival Other theatre from France and not only organised by Theatre of the nations together with the French cultural centre, has presented on a scene of the Center of a name of Mejerholda performance Tramp Budju . The monologue of the clown - the cannibal was listened by MARINA - SHIMADINA.
In spite of the fact that performance Tramp Budju is koproduktsiej the companies Dju Kaju and Le of Prato and theatre Internasonal dju karte only one person - Bonaventjur Gakon plays it. The clown, the acrobat and the dancer feeling in the plate both in a circus ring, and on a theatre scene. Festival Other theatre just also has aimed to bring to Moscow such synthetic actors. Bonaventjur Gakon studied in the National centre of circus arts, danced in Pierre Dussena`s troupe, played an angel - the acrobat a trampoline in Sirk Pljum .

Its new character at all an angelhood. He/she is the person of a bottom - fallen, spivshijsja, the clown badly smelling the tramp. The actor explains that its character conducts a family tree from the hero of a classical film Jean Renoir Budju, rescued from water with Michel Simonom in a leading role. Only this Budju does not interfere any more with life of respectable bourgeoises and does not tempt another`s wives and mistresses. It was fenced off from the world (or the world from it), lives in any cave and hunts on little girls whom then eats. Telling about how it ambushes, suffices a victim for plaits and here so about stones, Budju changes: eyes is blood-thirsty light up, the ailing senile body suddenly gets unexpected flexibility and a spring ability. Spectators do not know, to laugh it or to shudder for horror.

the history of the maniac - the cannibal at all does not correspond to our representations about klounade. But Bonaventjur Gakon gradually takes away public and forces it to sympathise with the hero. The actor admits that since the childhood adored to communicate with tramps: The more gloomy they looked, the more strongly me to them pulled . Possibly, therefore he knows that this gloom and rage the affected. I the ill-natured person, I very malicious - its hero declares, and itself sheds tears over a promade look slender frying pan to which it has become attached soul. The sentimental villain admires declines, plays a violin and writes the rhymes consisting of one interjections. From melancholy and loneliness it that jumps in a ravine in hope to break, has a snack glass glasses.

all it is, of course, arranged as circus klounskie numbers. Here the actor fights with a disobedient chair and over and over again falls, here accidentally calls in to itself on an ear that favourite frying pan, here gets confused in own feet and hands. Mister Gakon uses trouble-free gegi. Most ridiculous of its reprises becomes a scene with roller skates: Not in forces to consult with laces, it primatyvaet them to feet an adhesive tape, forgetting to separate thus right from the left.

Bonaventjur Gakon fulfils the number with circus honesty, from time to time risking to break seriously, but its tricks and attractions adjoin to the moments executed of purely theatrical expressiveness. Ridiculous, pity and touching kloshar forces to remember heroes of Bekketa and Ionesko. Its hero lives in any vymorochnom the world, where is girls for a breakfast as naturally how to be wetted under a bush. And sometimes it seems that all these cannibal stories only a fruit of sick imagination of the unfortunate clown who has got under way from loneliness.