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From hire till a dawn

last week the Moscow international film festival (MMKF) has opened. From now on and before closing of festival which will take place on Saturday, secular dinners, suppers, presentations and cocktails will go almost continuously. For now, except opening ceremony and traditional after - party in Not dull garden, within the limits of MMKF the party from magazine Citizen K and TSUMa has taken place.
Certainly, MMKF has begun with a red carpet path. And here at once it became appreciable that unlike last year there has with its full complement arrived Bondarchuk`s clan. Also has put at all that is a lot of them - the big family even was divided on two groups: director Feodor Bondarchuk proshestvoval with the spouse, editor-in-chief Hello! icons Svetlana Bondarchuk, and actress Irina Skobtseva - with daughter Alena Bondarchuk and grandson Konstantin Krjukovym. Simply all of them it is exclusively organic on this red path looked. There were some more successful occurrences: The actress Mikhalkov`s Hope in a white dress from Terexov, or the spouse of head STS Media Alexander Rodnjansky Valery Miroshnichenko, or woman of fashion Svetlana Maniovich in Ralph Lauren. The others either have relaxed, or have overdone. Especially the imagination was amazed with actresses Elena Kondulajnen and Natalia Andrejchenko. Last not only has come in white oversleeves, but also with the companion which hardly got to it to a breast. In this sense the Hollywood stars which have arrived on opening ceremony MMKF of Sharliz Teron and Will Smith looked as the visual aid for domestic celebrities.

carried away by football vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov this time neglected film festival opening ceremony. But there has arrived its colleague Victor Zubkov, earlier on such actions not noticed. And on football (the material see this page), and on a film festival Vladimir Kozhin has had time to visit upravdelami the president of the Russian Federation. And it was physically uneasy. In the new status of the first lady has not left the attention Nikita Mikhalkov Svetlana Medvedev`s next action. Unfortunately, on a red path it has not appeared. In a ring of protection it have spent through other input, and it has appeared directly in auditorium. Though its light suit embroidered pajetkami, on a red background would look rather effectively.

teletranslation this year was indirect, therefore to tyre out visitors in hall was an uneasy problem. As each of them, having risen on ladder top Pushkin got to embraces of president MMKF of Nikita Mikhalkov, and then also in embraces of head Karo - a film Leonid Ogorodnikova standing aside. And near to mister Mikhalkov there were TV presenters Boris Berman and Ildar Zhandarev who not only welcomed the most known visitors, but also asked them different questions for the First channel - all it occupied a lot of time. Mister Berman, having met the owner Oscar Sharliz Teron so was struck dumb that has switched off a microphone and at all has not noticed it. Having taken the place in a cinema hall near to madam Teron, mister Smith of seconds thirty has sat easy. Ceremony all did not begin - expected the madam to Medvedev, but Will Smith of it, of course, did not know. He for certain thought that all here only for it and waited. And he has decided to designate the presence: was accepted uljuljukat and to parody barrackings of different animals. The audience has good-natured supported it. So under this friendly neighing Medvedev`s madam then ceremony all - taki has begun also has entered into a hall.

the president of festival was the brightest star of action, of course. The skilled director, it forced the main visitors to follow its personal scenario. And only nimble Will Smith has tried to change it. When together with madam Teron it has risen on a scene to declare festival opened, mister Mikhalkov has immediately called the actress for triple Russian kisses. and how I? - Will Smith was indignant. Refuse mister Mikhalkov could not. Then all of them - taki have started the main thing. Moscow! - Nikita Mikhalkov shouted in a microphone. Moscow! - Will Smith picked up. international! - Nikita Mikhalkov shouted. International! - translated Sharliz Teron. All it was similar on time - two - three, a fur-tree, burn! in vysokobjudzhetnom the Hollywood kindergarten.

director Takeshi Kitano, having a prize for the contribution to cinema development, it was absolutely quiet. It has taken away a prize and with advantage has left. The director Emir Kusturitsa, without which opening MMKF, apparently, does not happen, under the full program fulfilled a rank bratushki the president of festival. See, vsuchil to us the film about Maradona, - Nikita Mikhalkov has commented on its occurrence, - has told that without football now it is impossible . last year Nikita tried to make of me the person: has bought to me a suit, a shirt, boots, socks, a tie and all the rest that at people happens, but life has returned me to a natural condition - mister Kusturitsa has declared. And truth, he has been dressed extremely informally. In the end of the reference mister Kusturitsa under some pressure from mister Mikhalkov has promised next year to buy to it a reciprocal suit from Versace. We will remind, one year ago Emir Kusturitsa has promised to shoot the following film in Russia and about Russia. However has shot a film about football player Diego Maradona. That it is more nothing to promise, mister Kusturitsa has suggested to sing. But also is not has sung, and has played on a guitar as a part of the ensemble No Smoking Orchestra. On it ceremony has come to the end.

the next evening in club The Most the first of the parties accompanying festival, organised by magazine Citizen K and Central Department Store shop has taken place. The program was most estetskaja: visitors group Esthetic Education a place of the soloist in which on some songs has occupied Igor Grigoriev, the founder of legendary magazine entertained the OHM, behind this exclusive performance necessary one more - from the Spanish actress Victoria Abril. Snack were the most forbidden: a canape with black caviar. Spectators were the most tempted: director Takeshi Kitano, the president of Alpha bank Peter Aven, the councillor of federation Farhat of Ahmeds, co-owners Mercury Leonid Fridljand and Leonid Strunin, and also founder Citizen K of Zherar Kapoff who welcomed in the warmest image head of ideological management of the Central Electoral Committee an United Russia Ivan Demidov, mister Grigoriev, mister Krjukova (the person from last cover of Russian Citizen K), but thoroughly he has concluded in the embraces only madam Abril.