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The consequence will check up a communal grave

Investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Chechen Republic has begun check of the statement of the representative under human rights in republic Nurdi Nuhazhieva about presence in Grozny a mass burial place of victims of the first military campaign. It past Friday has declared the representative of management of Marjam Nalaeva. According to the legal expert, in this burial place which has been found out near one of city orthodox cemeteries, there are remains more than 800 persons, basically civilians of Grozny who were lost during storm of the Chechen capital by federal armies on the night of January, 1st, 1995.
we knew that in the territory adjoining to a Christian cemetery in Leninsk area of Grozny, 800 persons " are buried in a communal grave nearby; - the representative under human rights in the Chechen Republic has noted in the statement Nurdi Nuhazhiev. According to the legal expert, one of eyewitnesses, the inhabitant of Factory area of Grozny has told about a burial place to it Arbi Tuzhaev who in 1995 was included into group of volunteers on a burial place of bodies of victims. Under the certificate of this person, a body of victims, basically civilians, in a huge communal grave near to a cemetery some months, buried from January, 2nd till October, 31st, 1995.

mister Tuzhaev also has told that at that time in Grozny operated with bureau military - medical examination. corpses brought to a place of a mass burial place which has been defined by military men in this place, - mister Tuzhaev remembers, - the bureau military - medical examination here again settled down, anyway, so it named military men. They described corpses, spent a photo - and video shootings, did registration log entries and only after that started a burial place . Thus, under the statement of the eyewitness, at a burial place each corpse was numbered by a special plate with serial number.

however where now there are these documents, anybody in Grozny does not know. Mister Nuhazhiev believes that military men could at desire help republic authorities to find this archive and thus to assist in the decision of very important problem - to reduce the list of the missing people which number, according to some information, reaches 5 thousand (for both military campaigns). However, as mister Nuhazhiev considers, it is not enough to find only archive - the special laboratory is necessary for identification of the found remains with the difficult equipment and good experts. The question on creation of such laboratory in the Chechen Republic, was reminded by the legal expert, rose for a long time, at once after the first military campaign. To Grozny even the special equipment has been delivered. However to work laboratory and has not begun, the equipment has soon been plundered, and then operations again have begun.

everything, according to the Chechen ombudsman, in the Chechen Republic is available to 60 mass burial places, however their opening and identification of bodies on - former are represented rather problematic of - for absence of laboratory and experts of a corresponding profile.

law enforcement bodies of the Chechen Republic have reacted to the statement of mister Nuhazhieva operatively. Republican investigatory management of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Friday declared the beginning of check of the information of the legal expert. while the decision on the beginning of check of the statement on presence of a mass burial place is accepted only, and also criminal case excitation on this fact subsequently is possible, in a case if such bases will appear - has declared yesterday the representative of investigatory management of Marjam Nalaeva.