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AdWatch the seventh has left in a network

British Aegis Group, on size communication holding of the world, declared yesterday purchase the Internet - agencies AdWatch. Participants of the market estimate company business, whose net profit in $1,8 million, $10 million However can cost in view of that Aegis enters into business of the Russian partners stage by stage and transactions are stretched for some years, final price AdWatch can exceed 20 million
the Transaction on purchase Russian the Internet - agencies AdWatch is closed, declared yesterday Aegis Group. The founder and the co-owner of the company the Lion Glazer has specified that British will receive 100 % in Open Company Agency Advotch which becomes a part entering in Aegis to the advertising network Isobar specialising on the Internet and digital media.

the agency the Internet - advertising AdWatch is created in 2000. Co-owners - the founder the Lion Glazer, general director Andrey Tchernyshov and two top - the manager. Among clients - Microsoft, Sun InBev, Canon, VTB, Rolf - Holding . In 2007 - more than $30 million Cumulative expenses in Russia on media the Internet - advertising (the banners, emerging windows and other formats) have reached the declared turn, according to AKAR, $227 million

British Aegis Group - the seventh communication holding of the world with a gain of $2,215 mlrd and net profit $189 million Capitalization - $2,88 billion Among clients - Adidas, General Motors, Johnson and Johnson, Philips. To Russia it is presented by network agencies Carat entering into group Aegis Media and Vizeum, and also research company Synovate.

between Aegis and AdWatch in the market the Internet - advertising spoke About the preparing transaction since 2005. In interview in October 2007 - go the Lion Glazer actually has confirmed these negotiations, having declared that we like internally the device and speed of development (Isobar. - ) . The preparing transaction with Aegis participants have explained section in 2007 of agency on two companies: actually AdWatch (placing the Internet - advertising for clients) and Mediaselling (sale of advertising possibilities of sites, including Yandex. Weather kommersant. ru, gazeta. ru). According to experts, the company founder tried to involve in cooperation with the sellerskim with a battalion competing with Aegis advertising holdings. Mister Glazer in interview the reason divorce named constantly increasing rupture between interests of clients and platforms.

a sum of transaction of the party do not open. Aegis Group has specified that following the results of 2007 on balance AdWatch was 9,5 million Preboard of agency IMHO VI Arsene Revazov (in 2002 has sold agency to group Video of Interneshl ) And the general director of agency MindShare Interaction Dmitry Ashmanov (in 2007 control over agency has received the British holding WPP) estimate business AdWatch approximately in $10 million Commission fee domestic the Internet - agencies make not less than 15 % so at declared turn AdWatch in $30 million its annual gain (volume of the agency commissions) exceeds $4,5 million, the media director of company MediaStars Bondarenko`s Belief marks. In its opinion, profitability on net profit at AdWatch can reach 40 %, and the net profit is more $1,8 million At animators 5 - 6 cost of business makes $9 - 10,8 million

the Source in the market, informed on the transaction, says that Aegis has estimated agency in 23 - 25 million Adviser of the transaction the company partner Dikushin and Pejl Andrey Dikushin has not confirmed this estimation, having specified that payments to the former owners will be stretched for some years and will depend directly on the future financial indicators of the company. Under the same scheme Aegis in 2005 has bought media agency HMS Komandarm: its absolute proprietor the group becomes not earlier than 2009, final cost of the company will depend on the financial results shown by it.