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The limited tourism

the Tourists leaving abroad, use only the medical insurance at departure from Russia. All other insurance products are claimed only 1 % of the leaving. Experts count that qualitative development of this segment of insurance should be expected after among Russians the number of buyers dear the VIP - rounds and autotourists will increase, and the state will legislatively demand bolshego filling of the tourist insurance.
recently insurance of tourists has had essential development: the more the population began to earn, the began to spend for the rest more. The interrogated insurers agree in opinion that the Russian tourists now widely demanded only one kind of insurance - medical. It is logical: in the majority of civilised countries without such policy of tourists simply will not start up.
so, according to the head of department of insurance of tourists of Severo - the western battalion SG the Renaissance insurance Oleg Petrov, other kinds of the insurance make out only nearby 1 % of tourists. With it the deputy director of department of insurance of travellers of company ROSNO Alexander Shvab agrees. insurance of the expenses connected with cancellation of a trip that is connected with fears of citizens of the CIS not to receive the visa at departure to Europe is Still rather demanded. In 2007 we had such approximately 3 % from 2,2 million insured, but the number of similar contracts grows, as more and more tour operators are ready to render this additional service to the tourists - he speaks.
Nevostrebovannost of all kinds of tourist insurance, except medical which actually is obligatory, insurers explain two reasons. The first - aspiration of the mass Russian tourist to save each cent . Tourists prefer to reduce the expenses on insurance to a minimum and to be limited to requirements of consulates - the manager of department of going abroad branch WITH " ascertains; RESO - the Guarantee in Petersburg Natalia Luzhina. Under this mentality travel agencies which are the basic sellers of the tourist insurance are arranged.
the head of department of personal insurance of Sankt - the Petersburg branch the Moscow insurance company Elena Bezshkuraja agrees. Travel agencies, offering the insurance as a tourist`s package component, choose the cheapest and minimum on a covering that the total cost of a package at the expense of it did not increase. And travel companies are very powerful channel of sales for any insurance company - she argues.
however even if the tourist also will not want to save on own security, it can will face the second obstacle - unwillingness of managers of travel agencies to prosecute insurance subjects. The problem is similar to that which all insurers face at sale of the products through intermediaries: it is difficult to train the personnel of travel agencies in active sales of not profile services - mister Petrov complains.
meanwhile all who watches tourist`s insurance development, should notice active discussions of insurance of luggage some years ago. At that time insurers could not come to a common opinion as it to be engaged: with the inventory or without the inventory, what limits of a covering to establish.
however, later disputes on luggage have ceased. Some insurers have explained it to that for the last two years carriers began to pay is better for the lost or spoilt luggage. we do not insure luggage, because carriers should pay for it uterju. They began to pay recently more as requirements to their responsibility " have changed; - has informed the director for marketing SG ASK Tatyana Dolinin. Mister Shvab with it does not agree. luggage Insurance never was popular, and carriers did not begin to pay is better. Most likely, it is our citizens have learnt to achieve performance of the legal requirements - he speaks. According to mister Shvaba, it is necessary to notice that at insured there is a choice on reception of compensation either at the insurer, or at a carrier. However, to defend the legal requirements, so far as concerns reception of indemnification for the lost luggage, it can be rather difficult.
at insured event approach on luggage insurance there can be a serious problem, - madam Bezshkuraja warns. - For absolute indemnification of the lost luggage the detailed inventory of things and the inquiry that has particularly been lost, from competent bodies of the country in which has occurred uterja is necessary. For this purpose the traveller needs to present all necessary documents from police and from the company - a carrier which preliminary should to manage be received . Frequently on finding-out of circumstances of that, where exactly and how the luggage was gone, she speaks, weeks are required. And complexities arise already at the first stage of searches: at times it is almost impossible to have a talk with the company personnel - a carrier, especially if it not the European country, considers madam Bezshkuraja. Frequently on - anglijski the personnel does not understand, and to find in the airport of the translator from the Arabian language in similar circumstances it appears is problematic.
mister Shvab explains these complexities elementary unwillingness of a carrier officially to recognise the fault. the insured luggage is under responsibility of a carrier, and at times to prove theft during journey or rest it is almost impossible. And from this the impossibility of payment of insurance compensation " follows; - he explains.
considering all these complexities, insurers have established average payment from calculation of luggage of 20 kg on the person. Estimations of cost of it Average 1 kg of luggage can differ at different insurers approximately twice. For example, in the Renaissance these are $25. At the insurance sum of an order of $500 for 20 kg luggage insurance costs on the average on the market about $2 - 4 - mister Petrov speaks. In MOSCOW TIME cost of luggage it is allowed to define to the insurer at drawing up of levy of execution before the conclusion of the contract of insurance. In the inventory actual cost of luggage on operating in the Russian Federation at the moment of the conclusion of the contract should be specified the prices (taking into account deterioration). If the tourist meaningly overestimates this cost, the insurance company can demand a recognition of the contract of insurance by the void. The insurance sum is established at a rate of $250 for one article of luggage, but no more $1 thousand for all luggage.
the list of insured events is rather wide: From theft of luggage from hotel before its loss (except for cases of rough negligence of the owner) - but thus insured should know that the insurance company will not indemnify a loss in the event that he within 24 hours from the moment of detection of loss has not informed officials of airline, a sea line or other carrier on the fact of loss of luggage.
some subjects MOSCOW TIME on insurance does not accept. It, for example, cash, discount and bank cards, jewelry, products from natural fur; antiques and works of art, any kinds of documents, slides, pictures and filmokopii, official papers, any kinds of artificial limbs and contact lenses, animal, plants and seeds; car means - moto - velotransporta, air and water automobiles, and also spare parts to them.
In RESO luggage insurance is provided only in category policies Business - Kard . The given policy, besides payment of medical expenses, visit of the near relation in an emergency situation and the organisation of preschedule returning, includes the organisation of search and returning of the lost luggage and documents. Such policy most of all approaches for the people making frequent business trips abroad. Its average cost 44 euros. In ROSNO at the insurance sum of $500 - 2000 cost of insurance of luggage makes, accordingly, $3,50 - 14,5.
Meanwhile, from the tourist market insurers connect the expectations, first of all, with growth of well-being of Russians. sales of expensive non-standard rounds, and accordingly gradually grow, more popular there is an insurance for the large sums, with additional options: demand for the VIP - a product increases - mister Petrov marks. Madam Bezshkuraja has paid attention that now there are more and more popular individual rounds when travellers independently, without involving travel agency, plan the trip and move from the country in the country, for example, by the car. In its opinion, the increase in number of individual rounds can lead to that tourists ohotnee will buy the insurance with the expanded covering which will include such hitherto exotic kinds of a covering, as transfer of urgent messages to relatives home, legal assistance after a car accident, granting of the loan for the mortgaging guarantee (if after a car accident the insured is imprisoned or to it threaten with imprisonment, the insurer on the instructions of relatives insured or other persons representing its interests, gives it the loan for the mortgaging guarantee).
Besides, insurers seriously count that tourists will start to be insured against accident during a trip. we have a magnificent complex product - simultaneous insurance of medical expenses and upon accident, - Dolinin`s madam speaks. - on idea, it is absolutely necessary, especially for sportsmen - ekstremalov. To be insured against accident not so necessarily for a year - it is possible to issue the policy exactly for the period of a trip . However, while travel agencies not so aspire to sell it, Dolinin`s madam speaks, and the people have not had time to realise prospect of such product yet. Besides, between travel agencies on sale of insurance policies there is a price competition, she believes. And though cost of such policy is insignificant, all the same for travel agencies even insignificant rise in price of the policy is undesirable.
As a whole, the insurance companies assume that among the Russian tourists demand for such products for a long time spread in their circle, as insurance of luggage and insurance upon accidents should increase. Also experts of both companies have agreed that insurance of a civil liability of the travelling recently becomes more popular.
experts are assured that to the insurance market the state requirement about obligatory insurance something can bring advantage. it is possible to consider as a perspective tendency negotiating process between ATOR (Association of tourist operators of Russia) and VSS (the All-Russia union of insurers) about filling of the insurance and that is not less important, about the policy price. The covering increase under the policy will positively affect security of our tourists abroad, and special attention of the state, Public chamber and others state and public organisations to questions of protection of our tourists abroad will be of use only - the deputy director of department of insurance of travellers of company ROSNO Alexander Shvab is convinced.
Alexey Krylov