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Football against music

the Most expected collective of the second arrival the main thing it is intellectual - dancing Petersburg festival Stereosummer - duet The Do - could not arrive to Russia from - for illnesses of the vocalist. Other trumps for this day (is more exact, nights) in sleeves at organizers it has not been laid up. Nevertheless, raznoplanovost not trump participants has won visible nekozyrnost the second and last day festival. To musicians and the organizers, compelled to struggle for love of public with a football match, EGOR ANTOSHCHENKO empathized.
From - for football the people while have not enough. God forbid, still the extra time will be - the organizer of festival Ilya Bortnjuk complained before the beginning. Nevertheless, to the Moscow command Dsh acting on a small scene - Dsh with the charismatic singer Mihalnoj, known electronics engineers of Andrieshem and Cross-country, and also guitarist Punk TV Alex Kelmanom possible to give to the second day of festival good signal to start. Songs about beauty Ljubu, shchetinistyh men and space is that clever priest, to which direct road to radio - or teleethers.
while Roman Pavluchenko has scored to Dutches the first goal, on a pavilion scene in Lenexpo have appeared: the curly man in a red vest and whiskers, the nice Japanese, the ordinary-looking guy with a harmonica and the Black woman in ultrashort mini. It were festival headliners - The Go! Team, the main hope of modern British music as a whole, and magazine NME in particular. That this international gang plays, it is difficult to define two words, therefore simply present that could turn out if to cross chirliderskie krichalki with hip - hopom an old school, having weighted its guitar riffami and wind samples. It is necessary to tell that alive this music radiates such vsamdelishnoj with energy that is the most correct The Go! Team would be to name fate - n - a beater (which creativity of this collective officially does not concern). The first album of group Thunder, Lightning, Strike has been written down by one person, Jenom Partonom (that with an accordion) on kitchen in native Brighton. And only then, when it was necessary to show this album, there were nigerijka by a nickname of the Ninjia, two shock installations and an every possible requisite. So what here fate - n - a beater.
upon termination of performance The Go! Team the match in Basel has already come to the end. MS Rollin Hand from the Berlin project Torpedoboyz has congratulated visitors on a national team exit in a semi-final, gloomy having added: Consider, if will reach the ending, Germans will be to you too hard. Though we will look that will be further . Further Torpedoboyz, five young men in white helmets with red stars, included a hedonistic disco, Tyrolean pljasovuju, prifankovannyj hip - hop with a Japanese recitative and lyrical medljak to the guitar. On a small scene Roman Litvinov more known under pseudonym Mujuice in the meantime was adjusted. Its colleague Jam shot public from a laser toy pistol. Soon to shoot there was almost nobody: the rain has gone. However, those the few who remained, for certain have not regretted: Mujuice, perhaps, most promising Russian electronics engineer, which - a huge rarity! - it is interesting to observe alive. Still he suffers a fine creative schizophrenia: In record its music seems very thought over, samples are picked up all right, the composition is strict and beautiful. Live performances make impression of full improvisation with constantly changing rhythmic drawing, trills of a notorious pistol and the overloaded electroguitar.
already dawned, when on the main scene there was an old resident of British label Ninja Tune, red-haired good-natured person Andy Karti by nickname Mr. Scruff. Affairs at it go not bad - the cheerful animation jazz (well matched to drawings of Skraffa with which it makes out the releases) on the former is widely claimed. Though since a single Get a move on got, should be, in all collections for coffee houses, has passed without small 10 years. Unlike bosses Ninja Tune, duet Coldcut, Mr. Scruff - the musician conservative enough and detailed. Delivers tea from India. From the middle of the eightieth draws cartoon films about speaking potato. It is careful in a choice of samples, prefers work with live musicians. Therefore and on Stereosummer in all heavy it did not begin to be started up and has played, for that from it waited - old kind nindzjatjunovsky hip - hop without a delicacy. And though for some this music already seems anachronism - to dance under it all as fine. Even on wet asphalt in the rain.