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Quality insurance

Insurers complain of backwardness of the market of insurance of responsibility of manufacturers and sellers for quality of production. After acceptance by autumn of 2007 of new edition of the law About protection of the rights of consumers they expected growth and development of this segment of the market. However, these calculations have not justified, though formal interest from potential insurers and has increased. Nevertheless, while the market keeps on those clients who buy for a long time already this product, is, first of all, the western firms and the Russian consulting companies.
insurance of responsibility of manufacturers and sellers for quality of production in Russia is not too developed yet. According to experts, growth of this segment in 2008 has not occurred. while demand for this kind of insurance is low, - Pavel Muretov, head Severo - the Western battalion SG " ascertains; the Renaissance insurance - An exception are the enterprises with high level of management - as a rule, the contract consists on request of the western shareholders .
However thus the situation is not so hopeless. So, for example, the director of the Center of insurance of responsibility of company ROSNO Galina Guljaev is adjusted optimistically. insurance of responsibility for a tresspass owing to lacks of the goods, works or services is not for a long time already a new kind of insurance, - she speaks. - since that moment when the first edition ` the Law on protection of the rights of consumers ` in 1992 has been accepted, the situation has changed also quantity of claims to manufacturers and sellers constantly grows. Besides, the law has undergone set of editions that has even more toughened control over manufacturing and realisation of production and has enhanced the responsibility manufacturers and sellers . According to madam Guljaevoj, prospects of use of insurance of responsibility as tool of financial protection of consumers and manufacturers extend more and more. With it it agree anderrajter WITH Scandinavia Maxim Shimchenko. He has noticed that cases of a presentation of claims to the enterprises of industrial and trading sphere from the consumers which have suffered at use of production made or realised by them recently have really become frequent. In most cases judicial bodies take out decisions on satisfaction of similar claim requirements.
moreover, Guljaev`s madam reminds that recently in Russia the bill about obligatory sanitary - epidemiological insurance has been developed. In case of its acceptance it will make insurance of responsibility of manufacturers of the most important consumer goods already obligatory. In this connection it is possible to expect that this kind of insurance by one of it will be most active developing and perspective in the Russian market.
rapid development of insurance of responsibility of manufacturers and sellers of the goods, works and services (IPTRU) has noted also the deputy director of branch WITH RESO - the Guarantee in St.-Petersburg Alina Kunakova. Recently it was valid more inquiries from clients, rather than earlier. It both dry-cleaners, and travel companies, and manufacturers of foodstuff she speaks.
according to insurers, there are certain groups IPTRU for which responsibility insurance is especially important. According to the director of the Petersburg branch the First insurance company Valentina Smyshljaeva, approximately in 70 % of insured events in the company sellers resort to insurance, and in 30 % - manufacturers. It is connected by that, having faced unfair service or the spoilt goods, the buyer goes with the claim to the distributor. therefore in imidzhevom the plan for roznitsy insurance of responsibility for quality is characteristic, - Smyshljaev speaks. - For example, now we insure a gas station network. Refuellings often come up against a situation when hearings about the diluted gasoline start to be dismissed - all network " as a result suffers;. If after certain examinations financial responsibility for quality of gasoline will be incurred by the insurance company, he for the automobile owner she becomes one more guarantor of groundlessness of various hearings speaks.
among manufacturers of the goods insurance of responsibility for quality is characteristic for beginners of the market, - Smyshljaev continues. - When the reputation of the company and its goods has not developed yet, distributors to interest very difficult: Grocery networks expose sometimes crushing terms for placing of the goods on regiments . Now the company carries on negotiations with the large alcoholic company on insurance of quality of luxe-class wines, mister Smyshljaev tells. The insurance contract costs in 50 - 60 times more cheaply, than the minimum advertising campaign for a conclusion of a new trade mark.
the assistant to the general director WITH Region Vyacheslav Shubyrev has noticed that insurers of responsibility for quality in the company are, and not only in the Petersburg management, but also in branches. In the majority it is the enterprises which are letting out foodstuff. Pavel Muretov also considers that necessity of insurance protection IPTRU - is obvious. At least, it concerns those goods and the services which use can be connected with serious consequences for health (medicine, production of pharmaceutics, the food-processing industry) or can cause a considerable damage, for example, from - for ignitions (the household and industrial technics and etc.) . Also he advises to reflect on insurance of responsibility to manufacturers of difficult cars and the equipment for the industry. under the Russian legislation, the consumer can sue as well to the seller the given kind of insurance is actual and for many trading companies he considers.
among our clients - suppliers, for example, the sanitary equipment and accessories, public catering establishment, manufacturers of double-glazed windows - the director of the Center of insurance of technical risks and responsibility SK " tells; Russian world Tatyana Elistratova.
According to mister Shimchenko, insurance of responsibility for quality of production causes the greatest interest at design, design, design offices, the organisations which are carrying out technical supervision of under construction objects, experts on dangerous industrial objects, manufacturers and sellers of systems of water supply, heating and air conditioning, the organisations working in sphere of protection of the information, and also rendering services in operation of inhabited and uninhabited fund. Besides, he marks the companies rendering services of car-care centre, rendering services in evacuation of vehicles, developers and manufacturers of the medical equipment, fitness - the centres, sports clubs and pools, and also public catering establishments.
in turn, Guljaev`s madam has the information that in the Russian market the greatest distribution has received insurance of responsibility of the suppliers exporting production abroad. It is connected by that outside of the Russian Federation the given kind of insurance is usual practice and consequently it is required counterparts under transactions. At the introduction of the Russian commodity producer on the world market importers simply - naprosto ` oblige ` him to show the insurance policy, differently possible losses from claims of consumers of poor-quality production can lead to bankruptcy of sellers - Guljaev`s madam explains. With it the manager on insurance of the brewing company " agrees also; Baltic Sergey Karauzov. We sell a lot of production for export, and very big limit of responsibility as the big claim from - for borders is possible, for example, from the USA, accordingly, is necessary. Therefrom any claim already million. And claims will be considered in the American courts, - he speaks. - exporting the goods to America, each manufacturer should mean that there is a probability of giving of million claims .
Guljaev`s Madam considers that among manufacturers of the goods who realise the production only in the Russian market, it is difficult to allocate any certain group which representatives necessarily insure the responsibility. Those can be practically all - from metal rolling to the food-processing industry. For example, the tendency of growth of insurance of responsibility of owners of restaurants and manufacturers of sanitary materials now was outlined.
meanwhile, the chairman of board of directors Consulting group the Island With. V Sergey Osutin asserts that builders actively enough insure the responsibility for quality. Thus he is assured that in a society for a long time has ripened necessity of insurance of professional responsibility of doctors.
at calculation of a limit of an insurance covering which the insurer of responsibility is ready to get, mister Osutin recommends to consider some factors: The quantity of the contracts concluded by the insurer on realisation of the goods and services, or planned sales volumes, cost of a commodity unit or individual service, for what sum can be theoretically made the claim, and also legal practice for a presentation of claims in this segment of business.
Valentine Smyshljaev asserts that manufacturers of the goods, as a rule, choose the size of the insurance sum to 2 million roubles on one insured event depending on the goods and that damage which they can put to the consumer. The tariff depends on a set of risks, a degree of quality and danger of use of the goods, mass character of manufacture and varies within 0,2 - 1 % from the declared insurance sum. According to Alina Kunakovoj, tariffs on insurance of liability of the producer vary from 0,2 % to 2 % depending on the insurance sum and risk degree.
as to the general expenses on insurance specialised expert examination here is not required more often, - she speaks. - Granting of documents resolving activity and statement filling is required only, and additional expenses can arise only at insurance event, and that them is paid more often by the insurer . Deputy director Sankt - the Petersburg branch the Moscow insurance company Elena Shevchenko has told that the tariff under contracts of insurance of responsibility for quality of production in the company is established within 0,2 - 1,5 % from the insurance sum which is established as agreed depending on terms of insurance, number and a kind of insurance risks.
it is more logical to speak not about the tariff in general, and about the tariff established on insurance of responsibility for quality of the concrete goods, works or services, - mister Shubyrev argues. - For example, responsibility insurance under the state contract varies in limits from 0,3 % to 1,5 %, depending on treaty provisions. Responsibility of tour operators costs From 0,25 % to 25 %, at an average of 2,5 % . Thus, a plug big as to speak about the tariff out of concrete obligations of the concrete executor it is not meaningful, mister Shubyrev considers.
In SZRD the Renaissance insurance for decision-making on insurance of responsibility and on definition of its cost the quantity of production which can get to sale after an error of technical control, and quantity of people which will have time to buy the poor-quality goods is estimated before the rejected party will confiscate. for example, as a result of one substandard daily consignment of goods of the enterprise of the food-processing industry before the goods will withdraw from sale, can suffer to ten thousand persons, - mister Muretov counts. - Usually our tariff makes from 0,03 to 0,1 percent . In Scandinavia the annual tariff will make 0,5 - 2,0 % from the insurance sum, and in ROSNO a plug Tariffs - 0,15 - 1,8 %.
Meanwhile, according to madam Guljaevoj, in 2007 of payment on insurance of responsibility for quality as a whole on ROSNO have made 2 million roubles. Thus at the majority of the Russian insurers of payments yet was not never. Theoretically, to such clients insurers should start to reduce tariffs. it occurs, but if we do not increase limits and we do not change a condition, - Sergey Karauzov recognises. - the Discount usually makes 10 - 15 % annually, but no more than 30 % as a whole. We while on it did not leave, as in 2006 we had an association of the companies and we have essentially increased responsibility limits .
Vadim Pimenov, the director of the company Si - Hey - Si - the City centre of examinations that the discount from the tariff under break-even contracts is not in time behind the Russian inflation complains, therefore tariffs for insurance of estimated activity even have a little grown (from 41 thousand roubles in 2007 to 42 thousand roubles in 2008). The size of the maximum covering under the contract is established in 30 million roubles that gives the companies a double stock. at definition of the size of the maximum covering we were guided by common sense: the sum of one contract by an estimation seldom exceeds 15 million roubles, and, in case of dissatisfaction of the customer or drawing to it of a damage, the sum of an insurance covering allows to pay sufficient indemnification - mister Pimenov argues. At such readiness to pay for an insurance covering with a stock expenses on responsibility insurance in this company will make less than 1 % from a gain.
Alexey Krylov