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The collection of Lobanovyh - Rostov will move to Petersburg

In the Petersburg branch ITAR - TASS has passed a press - the conference devoted to a collection of Nikita and Nina Lobanovyh - Rostov which was got by the international welfare fund Konstantinovsky . Upravdelami the president of the Russian Federation and in combination the chairman of the council of fund Vladimir Kozhin has tried to clear up history of this sensational and until recently purchase remaining as fiduciary (wrote about it on June, 9th). But questions nevertheless remained with ANNA TOLSTOVOJ.
Vladimir Kozhin has informed that negotiations with prince Nikita Lobanovym living in London - Rostov about acquisition of its meeting were conducted from the end of last year, experts, critics and financiers were engaged in an estimation, and on February, 15th, 2008 the well-known collection has been bought by welfare fund Konstantinovsky for $16 million This sum have paid for 810 products theatrically - decorative art (sketches of suits, scenery, posters, aaplets), 140 Russian artists created approximately in 1880 - h - 1930 - h years. To journalists have shown slides from Lva Baksta, Ivan Bilibina, Alexander Benua, Konstantin Korovin, Nikolay Roerich, Marc Chagall, Natalia Goncharovoj, Aleksandry Ekster, Pavel Chelishcheva`s works, the Sleepyhead Delon and other great artists. While the meeting is in spetshrane in Cologne, but soon will arrive to Russia.
the collection of Lobanovyh - Rostov is the fund property Konstantinovsky which capital, according to mister Kozhin, entirely private however it will be transferred to time storage in a state institution: in September all these treasures will expose two steps away from Aleksandrinsky theatre - in the Petersburg Museum of theatrical and musical art. And subsequently meeting Lobanovyh - Rostov, most likely, will move to the congress - the centre which now build in the state complex the Palace of the congresses in Strelne, - in Konstantinovsky Palace and park re-equipment under this governmental residence just the fund " also was engaged; Konstantinovsky . That is in the future the collection of Lobanovyh - Rostov, bought by a society of anonymous philanthropists, will appear in the neighbourhood with Mstislava Rostropovich and Galina Vishnevskaya which bought by Alisher Usmanov`s and have taken place in the Konstantinovsky Palace the collection.
at a collection of Lobanovyh - Rostov reputation dual. On the one hand, this unique on scale a Russian private collection theatrically - decorative art of first third of the XX-th century, especially valuable to Russia that meets a lack in our knowledge of the extremely fruitful work of artists - emigrants at theatres of Europe and America. Here and masters of Diaghilev`s ballets, from suits and which scenery has grown European art deco, and avant-gardists of a rank Natalia Goncharovoj and the Ale Lisitsky, and other delicacies from what slobbers at Tretyakov gallery and Russian museum flow. On the other hand, the Russian avant-guard which was in use in the western market since 60 - h years, has been discredited by numerous fakes.
Vladimir Kozhin assured that the quantity of doubtful things in meeting Lobanovyh - Rostov does not exceed 1 %. However on a question of the correspondent, whether there were among the experts estimating a collection, experts in avant-guard, mister Kozhin evasively answered that experts was much, but on names named only two. He/she is a member-correspondent of the Russian academy of Arts, the doctor of art criticism, the pro-rector of Petersburg Repinki and the restorer of the top skills Yury Bobrov - the largest expert, but in Old Russian painting, icons and frescos. And the leading research assistant of the Petersburg Museum of theatrical and musical art Elena Grushvitsky specialising on modern theatrically - decorative art. In this context one passage from a press - fund release " is remarkable; Konstantinovsky concerning copies, cliches and the cripples plentifully presented to collections of Lobanovyh - Rostov: Specific feature of products theatrically - decorative art including being in the given collection, consists that artists, working over performance statement, quite often repeated own sketches, using cliches, tracing-papers and copy materials .
it is interesting that conversations on collection sale have sounded for the first time in 1994 when it have shown in Moscow, in GMII to Pushkin`s name. But then 200 works selected by experts which have been estimated in $3,5 million were a question of purchase in a museum only Three years later prince Lobanov - Rostov in interview has explained that the transaction has not taken place, because the museum could not find financing. In 1999 there was a new applicant for a collection - Zurab Tsereteli who wanted to buy it for an opening Moscow museum of the modern art. The $3 million sum appeared in negotiations, but the parties and have not come to the consent. And here, at last, from the third attempt the well-known collector managed to sell entirely the meeting on the historical native land which in such questions does not waste time on trifles now.