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to the Young advanced people responsible posts

President Dmitry Medvedev on Saturday are promised has visited St.-Petersburg with one-day visit. At night it secretly proinspektiroval a holiday of graduates Crimson sails (p. 7 more in detail see) then at a meeting with students of faculty of law Sankt - the Petersburg university has declared new principles of the state personnel selection, having promised to appoint to responsible posts the young advanced people with fresh formation and to provide interchange by managers between state bodies and business.
next morning after a night holiday Crimson sails where new president Dmitry Medvedev and Valentine Matvienko`s governor met informally, they have held the first legal meeting in the Konstantinovsky Palace. The president has met Valentina Matvienko a wide smile. Despite incessant scandals round preservation of an architectural heritage, the president recognised Petersburg looking absolutely fantastic . Then has suggested to pass to to serious affairs . Answering a question on apartments for veterans of war, gradonachalnitsa at once has reported about all city housing programmes. The president reacted to it remarks decently (inspiring the interlocutor on new figures and details), and Matvienko`s madam hurried up to tell about all achievements, trying to convince the president that there, where administration yet has deduced a city from crisis it already makes up for backlog . The legal part of a meeting lasted about 20 minutes, considerably exceeding a traditional format. Sensitive issues in this report on social successes managed to be avoided.

From the Konstantinovsky Palace Dmitry Medvedev has gone on native faculty of law Sankt - the Petersburg university where it already an hour and a half was expected in assembly hall by students and teachers. Prior to the beginning of a meeting it had time to scroll a newsreel about stories of faculty with conducting Miracle fields Leonid Yakubovich in a role of the guide. The film, in particular, told about exotic habits of the high-ranking graduates - student Vladimir Putin on employment was covered from teachers with the big sports bag, and Dmitry Medvedev as it was found out, likes to come on native faculty at night. As at it once have arisen difficulties with penetration into a building, the dean of faculty and the rector of St.Petersburg State University Nikolay Kropachev has handed over at once to the president the electronic admission. Nikolay Kropachev and its former subordinate Dmitry Medvedev have spent a meeting with students without ties in style pair konferansa. Questions are confirmed by dean`s office? - the president has specified. the dean`s office has confirmed, the rector - is not present - the rector - the dean parried.

the first question on the international theme has sounded unexpectedly sharply. whether the Russian intervention in Georgian - the Abkhazian region in connection with provocation concerning our peacemakers is possible? - the second-year student has taken an interest. it is impossible - the president has firmly told, having noticed that Georgia the country close to us with which we are connected by special relations though they and worry not the best period . We will not allow to conduct provocation concerning our peacemakers - the president has thought suddenly, however again has specified that it not an occasion to bring an attention to the question so rigidly as you set it . the Student simply prepares for examination in the international public law - the rector has tried to smooth a situation.

Dmitry Medvedev`s answer to a question on a state policy concerning young experts has even more unexpectedly sounded. The president has promised to involve on responsible posts the young advanced people with absolutely new fresh formation admitted that for realisation of some decisions without them not to manage . It is necessary to break more safely any canons - Dmitry Medvedev has called. Also has unexpectedly declared a new principle of the state personnel selection: It is necessary to provide inflow of people from civil service in management of the companies, and skilled businessmen to return on civil service. The savoir vivre in all paints (as the state and economy is arranged) will give positive effect . As the curtain fell the president has commented on the relation to environmental problems, having declared that if them not to solve, through 10 - 20 - 30 years the part of our territory can appear not adapted for life . Ecological question - a safety issue - it has declared the next program thesis. hurrah to the president! - mister Kropachev has finished action. All have risen, but hurrah to shout at steels.

, MICHAEL - SHEVCHYUK, St.-Petersburg