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Social responsibility of the companies is not reduced to charity and transparent tax practice. The given concept much more widely also covers all complex of interaction of manufacture with society surrounding it. This interaction is not described in one law, nevertheless in Russia develop it without any compulsion from the state. A characteristic example - the companies entering into branch association - the Union of the Russian brewers.
a joint liability
the Russian citizen, it agree to data VTSIOM, considers that if the enterprise pays taxes, the salary and lets out qualitative production, it is already possible to name it socially responsible. 54,7 % interrogated by the main characteristic KSO named payment of the salary and deduction of taxes, 41,7 % - manufacture of qualitative production, 28,9 % - granting of social guarantees to employees, 12,5 % do not see difference between KSO and charity. Only 12,1 % of respondents have decided that business should participate in social problems of a city, and only 10,2 % are assured that the companies should consider interests of local population.

following (as well as respondents VTSIOM) confuse the Russian enterprises KSO with sponsorship and charity, without carrying to this activity the activity in the field of ecology, power savings, qualities of raw materials and production, safety, a labour safety both etc. But it and it is clear, as not financial reporting in Russia - business voluntary. In difference, say, from the Scandinavian countries, Great Britain or France.

to Report to a society about the social activity the foreign companies have begun in the end of 1980 - h years. Now at drawing up of reports on the corporate social responsibility they use several international standards. The cores from them - AA 1000, GRI, ISO 14 000 and SA 8000 (see The inquiry) - is described by various aspects of social activity of the enterprises, whether it be economic and ecological progress or care about health of own employees and observance of human rights. In Russia from tens thousand joint-stock companies annually reports about the social activity of only 0,1 % of the enterprises.

the union of the Russian brewers (SRP) which includes the companies, 90 % of the market of beer of Russia occupying an order, has prepared the first not financial report following the results of 2000 - 2004 which exit in 2005 has allowed the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen in the state-of-the-art review not Financial reports of the companies working in Russia: practice of development of the social reporting to name SRP the first association of the manufacturers which have presented the consolidated position in sphere of corporate social responsibility not only in Russia, but also abroad . Now the union conducts work on the fourth social report. Besides, the social report of the union since 2005 is annually brought in the National register of corporate not financial reports administered RSPP. Brewers explain consolidation of the companies in sphere KSO high business culture.

uniqueness of the project consists still that standards of the reporting existing today are focused on the separate companies, instead of on branches. By preparation of first three reports brewers leant against basic elements of such known standards as AA 1000 and GRI, but they could not reflect to the full specificity of process. Now SRP develops the branch standard of the voluntary social reporting of the companies of brewing branch which will contain base principles of corporate social responsibility and not financial reporting.

Vyacheslav Mamontov, the chairman of executive committee SRP also is more senior, says that the branch follows that strategy of development of business which is based on aspiration actively to participate in the social processes occurring in a society . At each company in social sphere - one bolshy an emphasis do the priorities on an accomplishment of cities, carrying out scale actions on all country. SUN InBev the sixth year realises the regional program To us here to live in which participate 12 large Russian cities. to us here to live passes in some stages, - the senior manager on corporate communications SUN InBev Alexey Shavenzov tells. - in the Spring employees of the company together with members of families and friends leave on subbotniki, land beds, arrange well squares. In the autumn together with city administrations we hold competitions on the best court yard. In the winter - at a final stage - we fill in skating rinks, we decorate cities before New Year`s holidays. Also the company builds recreational zones and athletic fields. In one only Tyumen we have constructed more than ten similar zones of rest .

Other companies look after social establishments, such, as, for example, children`s antitubercular sanatorium of a name of Pavlika Morozova and the Kaluga boarding school for children hard of hearing of F.A.Rau to whom helps SABMiller RUS.

the Third, as the company Baltic try to participate in all possible projects and develop own educational programs for improvement of professional skill of employees. Daniel Briman, the vice-president on corporate questions the Brewing company Baltic explains a company position in sphere KSO: If we are successful, we should divide the success with world around - to help to be successful that who round us. If we work effectively we earn money and should direct a part of these means for those social programs which form the public environment and do its comfortable, including for our employees who too are a part of this society .

But there is variety of projects in which the majority of the companies which are a part of the Union of the Russian brewers participates. It first of all the action After 18 ( Sale of beer by the minor is forbidden ) And struggle against irresponsible consumption of alcoholic production. Today at least in cities - millionnikah practically you will not find any shop in which the sticker with figure 18 in the circle centre would not be placed. In total for those two years that the action lasts, the brewing companies have extended about 1 million stickers almost in 500 thousand points of retail trade on all territory of Russia. According to Vyacheslav Mamontova, almost all leading participants of the market have included this sign in television and outdoor advertising, and it in spite of the fact that the given sign is not required under the law .

This sign can be seen and in commercials of company SUN InBev which, by the way, has still acted as the customer of social advertising videoclips. They urge Russians to struggle with irresponsible consumption of alcoholic drinks. One of these rollers also has won at VII Moscow festival of social advertising, and later a final shot with a phrase Drunkenness at the wheel kills. Sooner or later. Always! has appeared on billboards in Moscow and St.-Petersburg. we cannot ignore those problems, those tendencies which exist in public consciousness during the given period of time - Alexey Shavenzov explains a position of the company. We always say that beer - a product which consumption is connected with certain restrictions - he underlines.

Andrey Svinarenko, the executive vice-president of the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen, notices that the brewing companies, without substituting the state structures, are engaged in performance of social programs, operating with the most effective image in interests of all society . Nevertheless, representative SRP, " insists; social responsibility is a street with two-way traffic, responsibility in this case should have bilateral character: Business - on the one hand, the state - with another .

Eternal values
Few brewing companies speak viva voce about the charitable programs, understanding, what even the mullions-strong sum for small establishment - a drop in the sea of social problems. The vice-president on corporate questions the Brewing company Baltic Daniel Briman considers that important not that, how many money we put in this or that project, and how our activity is reflected in state and society life as a whole . However not out of place will tell that under constant home nursing Baltic in St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region there are some establishments, including Scientifically - research children`s orthopedic institute of G.I.Turnera.

Speaking about social responsibility of the company, Victor Pjatko, the vice-president of group of companies Heineken in Russia, marks: Our main values are based on respect for people and a society, for environment and aspiration for high quality of let out production . Group of companies Heineken in Russia since 2003 actively co-operates with organisation United Way Moscow (UWM), carrying out charities. The means listed to fund, are distributed to different categories of the needing: to children - to orphans and children from risk groups, to older persons and invalids, the homeless and refugees.

more than 80 % of the brewing companies regularly help the organisations of public health services and population social protection. According to the social report of branch for 2006, a number of the companies have directed to these establishments over half of all means intended on the charitable purposes.

brewers put a considerable part of corporate social investments in nature protection activity. Accurate understanding of responsibility for the manufactures - the basic difference of representatives of the brewing industry from other companies. All leading domestic brewing enterprises invest in manufacture without waste, decrease in power inputs and emissions of carbonic gas in atmosphere. By results of 2006 10 large enterprises of branch have carried out projects on reduction of industrial emissions, 8 have reduced volume of sewage, 11 now regularly process a beer pellet and a waste of yeast, and 7 more companies utilise packing. In June, 2007 under the initiative Breweries Hejneken Baikal in Irkutsk started the ecological project Pure coast of Baikal which purpose - improvement of an ecological situation in water areas of lake Baikal and education of ecological culture.

of company SABMiller RUS are assured that corporate social investments - an integral part of a sustainable development of business. KSI are the any our actions directed to the aid of a society in which we work, and the companies beyond to directly operational activity; it is activity which brings the best results as to a society, and the company, for the blessing of prosperity of a society and for the purpose of environment preservation in which our business can successfully develop - makes comments on Nadezhda Hotina, the director for corporate questions SABMiller RUS.

All in a year before last the Russian brewers have spent for social projects more than 300 million rbl. Results for 2007 are not brought yet, but of the Union of the Russian brewers assure that this indicator should exceed the previous considerably.