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The world bank has calculated profit of Russia on change of bulbs

Monitoring/ Power efficiency

Having realised potential of increase of power efficiency, Russia can save 45 % of consumption of primary energy: 240 mlrd cubic m of natural gas, 340 mlrd kw ch the electric power, 89 million t coal, 43 million t crude oil. It is one of conclusions of the joint report of the World bank (VB) and the International financial corporation (MFK), transferred on last week to the Russian authorities. We will remind, according to president Dmitry Medvedev, decrease in power consumption of economy of the Russian Federation should begin with a state sector. From estimations VB and MFK follows that the greatest potential of economy of energy lies in other spheres of economy, first of all in housing sector. Estimations VB and MFK are made not only in a branch cut, but also from the point of view of financial correctness of investments in power savings (see the diagramme). The first estimation - technical potential, possible economy of resources at use of modern technologies. The second - economic potential, non-negative profitability of investments into power savings. The third - financially attractive investments, under them the investments providing certain profitableness: 6 % for a state sector, 50 % for households and 12 % for a private sector.

distinctions in rates explain also distinctions between technical possibility, economic correctness and financial appeal of investments in economy of energy. So, if mainly at the expense of modernisation of heating systems in apartment houses it is possible to save technically 53,4 million t oil the weak interest of households put in calculation means that the investments leading of 46 % of economy will be financially defensible only. In the industry a parity essentially other: the financial potential makes 80 % from the technical. In total realisation of potential of growth of power efficiency needs $320 mlrd investments, three times it is less than for escalating of manufacture of energy. End users will save $80 mlrd, and economy as a whole - $120 - 150 mlrd (including $84 - 112 mlrd the half-received incomes of oil and gas export). Expenses on power savings can pay off all for two - three years .