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  Mark Lejvikov sells the Consumer market restaurant bizneszao UK “ Industrial investments “ (it is under control to the Chelyabinsk businessman Mark Lejvikovu both its partners Sergey and Evgenie Weinsteins) intend to sell a part of the restaurant business entering into holding “ Restoratsija “. On sale are already exposed: an entertainment complex “ Baden - Baden “ a tavern “ Tralee - Bring down “ and also separate office building in Chelyabinsk. As a part of the company remain cafe “ the Rainbow “ and a network pelmennyh “ Pelmeshka “. The rough total cost of the objects exposed on sale, according to agency of real estate of RIHANNAS, makes 560 million roubles. By words a press - the secretary of the company “ Industrial investments “ Julia Bobylevoj, the proprietor has made decision to sell not profile actives for the company, having enclosed the means obtained from sale in building projects. “ first of all it is a question of building in Chelyabinsk of microdistrict „Western beam“ “ - she has specified. As she said, on real estate already there are potential buyers. “ the Moscow bank has become interested in one of premises, besides, there is an interest from the Chelyabinsk developers who are ready to redeem buildings under office real estate “ - madam Bobyleva has told. The director of restaurant “ Tralee - Bring down “ Vladimir Fedorov considers that profitability which its institution showed, was high enough. “ profitability made an order of 18 % that is a quite good indicator, but proprietors have decided to invest means in other business “ - he has noted. Also, as he said, in October should start the new project of restaurant holding - shop on batch sale. “ it something an average between a bakery and a coffee house, institutions of such format are extended in Europe. We plan to open it on a bar place „the Shelter of a crazy cow“ “ - Vladimir Fedorov has told.
Anna Ponomareva, Chelyabinsk

  Transport JUUZHD will decorate five basic directions of movement in different tsvetajuzhno - the Ural railway (JUUZHD, Open Society branch “ the Russian Railway “) Has appropriated to five basic directions of following own colours which all objects of these sites will be painted. As informs a press - service JUUZHD, in particular, behind a direction “ Chelyabinsk - the Silver-tongued orator - Kropachevo “ dark blue colour, " is fixed; Chelyabinsk - Bottom “ - it is dark - green, “ Chelyabinsk - the Barrow “ - it is dark - cherry, “ Chelyabinsk - Kartaly “ - it is dark - red. “ before fastening of colour to a concrete site was not, objects were painted with a paint which was in a warehouse. Now all objects of directions - stations, platforms, support of a contact network, an arrow, divorces - will be painted colour of a site on which they are located “ - have explained in a press - service JUUZHD. Experts of institute “ CHeljabzheldorproekt “ Have prepared sketches in which examples of a colour score of the most various objects meeting on sites - from stations and technical buildings are resulted, for example, posts of the electric alarm system, to turniketnyh pavilions and canopies, the interlocutor has told. Thus he has noticed that JUUZHD - the first among regional zheldorog will introduce experience of colour identification of sites. Painting of objects on each of sites on JUUZHD plan to finish by September, 1st.
“ Interfax - Ural Mountains “

  Shots TTK - Ural Mountains have enticed a top - the manager “ Rostelecom “ Ural Mountains) are appointed Mark Kajukov who worked last three years in Uralsk Open Society branch “ Rostelecom “ - held a post of the chief of the centre of sales and servicing. In TTK - Ural Mountains it will supervise also over a direction of sales. The post of the commercial director in TTK - Ural Mountains was free since October, 2007 when it was left by Ruslan Razuvaev who has passed in telecommunication group “ Motive “. Instead of it the adviser of the general director Alexey Gusev was engaged in commercial questions, however recently he also has left the company, having moved to Khabarovsk.
Nikolay Yablonsky

  Investigation An - 12 was wrecked from - for malfunctions onboard elektrosetimezhgosudarstvennaja the aviation commission (POPPY) has finished a field stage of investigation of an air crash of cargo plane An - 12 which has occurred on May, 26th near Chelyabinsk. According to conclusions which experts have made the POPPY, most malfunction of the onboard electric system became a plausible reason of wreck of the plane. We will remind that An - 12 airlines “ Moskovia “ transported from Chelyabinsk to Perm the monetary denominations deduced from a turn for recycling at factory Goznaka. In some minutes after launch from the airport in a plane cabin there was a smoke blanketing, and pilots have requested permissions to a crash landing. The plane has fallen around settlement Roshchino, in 11 km from take-off - a landing strip. All 9 persons who were onboard, were lost. Upon an air crash criminal case on ch is investigated. 3 items 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of the air transport, entailed on imprudence death of two or more persons). “ According to results of decoding of negotiations of crew and airborne recorder indications, during landing approach, along with cabin smoke blanketing, there were consecutive refusals and supernumerary work of systems of the plane. False signals about various refusals Besides, arrived. At a turn on a landing course there was a spontaneous deenergizing of both left engines An - 12. Later 40 - 45 seconds after that at the plane of the beginnings vigorously to develop the left list which has led to vessel falling. Signs of malfunctions of fuel system and mechanical part of a control system of engines it is not revealed “ - the POPPY is told in the message. Experts have come to a conclusion that a cause of accident of a steel of a malfunction of the onboard electric system.
Anna Ponomareva, Chelyabinsk

  Football “ Ural Mountains “ has returned on the third mestoona, taken place in the past weekend, it has appeared successful for football players Ekaterinburg “ Ural Mountains “. They have confidently won on departure Podolsk “ the Hero “ (3:0). Goals have hammered: Stanislav Dubrovin (for it the hammered ball became already to the ninth in a season), Sergey Miroshnichenko and Artem Fidler (realised a penalty). Krasnodar “ Kuban “ taking before this round the third place, in the past weekend did not play, and Makhachkala club “ Anzhi “ going the second, accepted on the home field Kaliningrad “ Baltic “ also has been compelled to be content with a drawn game (1:1). Thanks to it “ Ural Mountains “ has risen in standings on one line upwards (with the fourth on the third), and its backlog from the Dagestan command was reduced from four points to two. However, “ Anzhi “ has played on one match less ekaterinburzhtsev. The following round of the championship will take place on Saturday, on July, 5th. “ Ural Mountains “ will accept on the home field Novosibirsk “ Siberia “ which before the season beginning was considered as one of the main favourites of a battalion, but after quite good start has rolled down in the standings middle.
Vladimir Vasilev