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On Friday political council of seaside regional branch “ an United Russia “ has offered the deputy of State Duma Ruslanu Kondratov to refuse from the mandate. As an occasion the public statement of mister Kondratov about necessity of self-dissolution of political council has served. In its opinion, “ the reputation of party in edge is soiled “ as “ concerning seaside Party members “ it is raised “ huge number of criminal cases “. Ruslan Kondratov selected in December, 2007 the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation under the list “ an United Russia “ on June, 19th has called political council of regional branch samoraspustitsja because “ many members of political council or are under examination, or in places of confinement, or are in hiding “.

Reaction of seaside United Russia party members has not kept itself waiting long. On Friday evening members of seaside political council of the party in power have rejected charges in the address and samoraspuskatsja have refused. In the document accepted by overwhelming majority of votes, it is said that “ the statement of a member of presidium of Regional political council of R.V.Kondratov... Undermines authority of party on eyes not only more than 40 thousand its members, but also at hundreds thousand its supporters who have voted per lot on last elections “. Seaside United Russia party members consider that data with which the deputy of the State Duma " has acted; do not represent the facts “ thus it “ has called into question reputation and decency of all political council “. Thereupon the political council has addressed in presidium gensoveta “ an United Russia “ with the request to consider the problem on the statement of mister Kondratov and has suggested the deputy to combine the powers voluntary. As the member of political council Sergey Loboda has told, mister Kondratov conducts “ antiparty activity “. And the secretary of regional political council Peter Savchuk has expressed opinion that the demarche of the deputy is caused by its career ambitions.

Ruslan Kondratov at political council session was not present - it is in Moscow. Its not numerous supporters unsuccessfully tried to convince colleagues not to consider “ Kondratov`s personal business “ in its absence. The member of political council George Martynov has expressed opinion that the deputy of the State Duma only has developed thought of party leaders on necessity of cleaning of its numbers. As he said, it is valid concerning a number vysokoposlavlennyh members “ an United Russia “ criminal cases are raised.

we will remind that the mayor of Ussuriisk Sergey Ruditsa is accused of excess of powers of office, and businessman Dmitry Glotov in October of last year is declared in federal search on charge in threat by murder. Were one of heads partjachejki the former mayor of Vladivostok Vladimir Nikolays is condemned for 4,5 years conditionally for excess of powers of office and abusings by them. And Yury Stepanchenko heading fraction of United Russia party members in regional parliament of the previous convocation, is accused of swindle and absconds abroad.

Ruslan Kondratov is not going to refuse the words. Making comments on the political council decision, he has declared „“, does not intend what to retire. “ Considering the misses admitted earlier, it is necessary for us to spend rotation of shots to parties. Fresh blood, young and vigorous members of the same party on key posts " is necessary to us; - mister Kondratov insists. He intends to prove the position at the nearest session of presidium gensoveta “ an United Russia “.

“ I do not think that Kondratov has blown up a situation under own initiative - its statement, most likely, is co-ordinated with higher structures. It is not excluded that Moscow has really decided to supervise more rigidly governor Darkina by means of “United Russia“, and for this purpose it is necessary to purge political council. Now its structure includes people of the governor “ - the head of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in seaside parliament Vladimir Bespalov considers.

Alexey Tchernyshev, Vladivostok