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  Results LVZ “ Khabarovsk “ will start up profit on razvitieaktsionery Open Society “ likerovodochnyj factory “Khabarovsk“ “ (LVZ) at annual meeting have made decision not to pay dividends following the results of 2007. As it is informed in company materials, net profit at a rate of 112,942 million rbl. it decided to direct on manufacture development. Shareholders also have confirmed the annual report, the balance sheet, have selected board of directors, a revision committee and the auditor of a society. In board of directors seven persons - on a post of the general director of Open Society " are selected again; LVZ “Khabarovsk“ “ Tatyana Los has been selected. Open Society authorised capital stock “ likerovodochnyj factory “Khabarovsk“ “ makes 50,011 million rbl., it is divided into ordinary actions by face value of 2,6 thousand rbl. of 51 % of actions belongs to Open Society “ the Synergy “ 22,24 % - Open Society “ Ussuriisk balm “. FGUP “ Rosspirtprom “ 22,46 % own.
“ Interfax-Far East “

  State regulation At Buryat FAS was not claims to zapravshchikamv a rise in prices for gasoline in Buryatiya there are no antimonopoly law infringements, to such conclusion management FAS on republic has come. As yesterday has informed a press - department service, after checks purchasing, wholesale and retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel well-founded increase for 50 copeck for litre of fuel since June, 28th has been established. According to UFAS, increase of retail prices for oil products the companies Oil - the Active “ and “ Burjatnefteprodukt “ (the basic players in the petrol market of region) it is caused by growth of cost prices of the manufacturer of Open Society “ the Angarsk petrochemical company “. On June, 21st in Buryatiya for 40-70 copeck the prices for gasoline have grown. Now Ai - 92 on refuellings “ Rosneft “ in Buryatiya there are 27 rbl. for litre, to Ai - 95 - 28 rbl., to Ai - 80 - 23,3 rbl. Diesel fuel - 26,8 rbl. for litre.
news agency “ the East - the Teleinform “ Yury Yudin, Irkutsk

  the Transaction “ Irkut “ it is reserved by production “ Ural optiko - mechanical factory “ FGUP ON “ Ural optiko - mechanical factory “ (UOMZ, Ekaterinburg) during the period from July, 2008 till May 2010 - go will put Open Society “ Corporation “Θπκσς“ “ production on $30,8 million, it is told in official materials UOMZ. The corresponding contract of the company have signed last week. The transaction has been approved by Federal agency on the industry of the Russian Federation in the end of May. The sum of transaction makes 12,3 % from cost of actives UOMZ which make 5,9 mlrd rbl. the Name of production which UOMZ will deliver corporations “ Irkut “ does not reveal. UOMZ - one of the largest enterprises of Russia on working out and manufacture optiko - electronic devices of military and civil appointment. The enterprise exports production to 75 countries. “ Irkut “ specialises on release of fighters of the Sou - 30 and the Sou - 27, and also amphibians “ Be “. The company unites a number of leading Russian manufacturers and developers of aviation technics, including “ Irkutsk aviation production association “ “ Taganrog aviation scientifically - a technical complex it. Berieva “ and Open Society “ OKB it. JAkovleva “.
“ Interfax “

  Shots Igor Esipovsky has appointed to itself one more zamestiteljas on July, 3rd powers of the non-staff adviser of the governor of the Irkutsk region Yury Gurtovogo will be stopped. Since July, 4th about day of the introduction into a post of the first governor of the incorporated Irkutsk region it is appointed to the post the assistant to the governor of the Irkutsk region. The corresponding order was signed on June, 25th temporarily fulfilling duties of the governor of the Irkutsk region by Igor Esipovsky. Yury Gurtovoj was the non-staff adviser of the governor since April, 30th, the press - services of the governor of the Irkutsk region is told in the message. In a press - release also it is informed that holiday with the subsequent dismissal under own initiative is given from July, 1st till September, 11th the head of department on public relations and national relations to Sergey Kozhenkovu. The corresponding order is signed on June, 30th by the head of administration of the governor of the Irkutsk region Michael Shtondoj.
Yury Yudin, Irkutsk

  Incidents From the Baikal reserve evacuated inspektoraspasateli from the Irkutsk region and Buryatiya have finished operation on evacuation of the employee of the Baikal reserve to which during territory detour it became bad, the representative of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Buryatiya has informed on Monday. “ On Monday the helicopter has taken off for reserve Baikal poiskovo - saving group which should deliver the employee in settlement Vydrino in Buryatiya where there is an ambulance car “ - he has told. Sunday afternoon to one of inspectors on protection of territory of the Baikal reserve it became bad during territory detour in a zone of high mountains of a ridge of Hamar - Daban. It has communicated with rescuers and has asked the help. In the night from Sunday to Monday to the worker of reserve 17 rescuers Buryat republican poiskovo - a life-saving service have gone. In the morning in Sunday three from them have found the employee and have rendered it first aid.
Yury Yudin, Irkutsk