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Anna Politkovsky`s murderer disappears abroad

the Head of investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor (SKP) the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin has declared the location of the alleged murderer of journalist Anna Politkovsky Rustama Mahmudova. Anna Politkovsky has been killed on October, 7th, 2006 at an entrance of own house.
on Russian - a German seminar concerning investigation of murders Alexander Bastrykin has declared: Business in the relation of the direct executor is taken out in separate manufacture. Under our data, the murderer disappears in the Western Europe . We even know the country where it is head SKP has told. According to radio station Echo Moscow the country where there is a suspect - Belgium, and the Russian law enforcement bodies have already submitted inquiry about its extradition.

At present in the international search is 34 - the summer native of Achhoj-Martanovsky area of the Chechen Republic Rustam Mahmudov as whom investigating bodies consider as the executor of murder. It is in search since 1997 when against it criminal case under article " has been brought; kidnapping .

Rustam Mahmudov is necessary the nephew the Breakage - Ali Gajtukaevu who, under the version of the investigation, was the second organizer of murder of Anna Politkovsky along with eks - operupolnomochennym UBOP the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow Sergey Hadzhikurbanovym. Charge in the organisation of murder to Gajtukaevu whom for the organisation of attempt at murder in Ukraine the top - the manager financially - industrial group " already serves time; Privat Gennady Korbana, it is not shown yet.

we will remind that an observer the New newspaper Anna Politkovsky has been shot on October, 7th, 2006 at a house entrance in Wood street in Moscow where it rented apartment. Earlier it was informed that the consequence left on a trace of capital criminal grouping under the direction of the native of the Chechen Republic specialising on fulfilment of custom-made murders. Besides, inspectors have found out that in granting to murderers of the information took part eks - employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and special services.