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Animal Americanism

the Management Venetian biennial declared award the Gold lion for merits to the American architect Frenku Geri. GRIGORY - REVZIN makes comments.
Frenk Geri, glorified architect Muzeja Guggenhajma in Bilbao, is the winner of the Prittskerovsky award (architectural Nobelevka, 1989), Volf`s awards (the international award marking the higher achievements in various areas of human activity, 1992), Praemium Imperiale (the award of the Japanese emperor in the field of arts, 1992), the owner of a gold medal of the British royal institute of architects (1992), Henry Turner`s awards (2007) and ten more less significant awards and prizes.

it is not enough in comparison with the European masters who seriously collect awards (Norman Foster, Jean Nuvel), but all main world awards at it are. Besides, it is possible to tell without exaggeration that Muzej Guggenhajma in Bilbao - the most known building of a boundary XX - the XXI-st centuries in the world. a gold lion Venetian for vital merits a little that adds biennial 79 - to the summer master.

however it has some sense for biennial. It is the first case, when a name of the winner the Gold lion for vital merits it is informed not in the exhibition beginning, and three months prior to it (biennial opens on September, 14th). The jury of biennial yet has not begun work, the prize of Geri is handed over on representation of the curator of an exhibition of Aaron Betski by the decision of organising committee of biennial. As in this organising committee Betski - the unique person concerning architecture (the others - cultural officials and managers), it is possible to tell that it is the personal award of Betski supported orgstrukturami biennial.

what for it is necessary for Aaron Betski? Besides that it lifts its personal value (to it any curator had no possibility to hand over the Gold lion at the choice), it is possible to result at least two more reasons. In - the first, practical. Frenk Geri - the card of the American architecture, Aaron Betski - the first curator of biennial from America. About this year the American architecture did not play on Venetian leading part biennial, practically all defined the European stars. It is possible to add that among the European architects of the senior generation and especially European professors and critics who in many respects define a policy of award of the European awards, the relation to Geri a little less enthusiastic, than in America. Geri has thought up business - building model - an attraction and has found its adequate artistic realisation, its architecture is not anxious neither social, nor environmental problems and consequently from the point of view of European left is expression of bottoms - cultures in architecture. Besides, they rather jealously concern Guggenhajmu as to an institution, trying to sell art similarly to McDonald`s . Award of Geri the Gold lion accurately shows attempt to break this tendency.

in - the second that is more important, this award concretises a position of Betski concerning the plan of biennial. The curator has defined a theme of the future exhibition so: Architecture besides buildings . Anybody plainly does not know that this such. Some have considered that it - about the nature as besides buildings the architecture essentially influences a landscape. From here the architecture and nature relation, that is ecological subjects in architecture became specification of a theme of biennial. Some, on the contrary, tend to that besides buildings the architecture bears in itself clear social sense and a biennial theme is about social aspects of architecture. Clearness is not present.

Premija Frenku Geri gives a reference point. In Aaron Betski`s representation it is told that Frenk Geri to the greatest degree embodies idea of architecture besides buildings . Geri builds nevertheless buildings, instead of something besides them, but it has one feature. The architecture of the XX-th century developed after art, we know architecture of a cubism, geometrical abstraction, even architecture of surrealism. However, since a post-war modernism, the architecture as - that has stood apart and developed already out of communications by that occurred in art. Was not neither architecture - heppeninga, nor architecture - performance. As to buildings of Geri, their main difference from all the others that before us, as a matter of fact, huge art - installations in which it is possible to come, resemble inside and in which even, at known skills, it is possible to live more or less comfortably. Though some critics consider that its art concept is born the priest - an art ohm and lags behind actual art process for 40 years, but other architects in these co-ordinates lag behind even more. It is possible to tell that it - the architect put most forward in actual art.

so now it is possible to tell that besides buildings Aaron Betski means, offering such theme of biennial. This actual art. Thereby architectural biennial should approach with the art. If the message of Betski is heard, the architecture in a kind art - installations becomes the basic exhibit of biennial, and at the head of all it there is Frenk Geri with the Gold lion As the person who has generated this productive undertaking.