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Mike Tyler named the customer of mortal fight

the Well-known boxer Mike Tyler again it has appeared it is got mixed up in scandal. During judicial hearings on business nju - jorkskoj a gang called Cash Money Brothers, one of witnesses has declared that in 2000 Tyler “ has ordered “ one of leaders of grouping in revenge for murder of the bodyguard. The witness also asserts that was “ the contract " is written out; and on Tyler`s elimination. However executors have decided it not to kill at the last minute for religious reasons.
in court of Brooklyn now passes process on business of gang Cash Money Brothers that it is possible to translate as “ the Brotherhood of cash “. Brothers Hard - Demion on a nickname the World and Majron known in the circles under a name the Wise man were gang founders. By the way, brothers have thought up the name of a gang, having looked known enough in the beginning 90 - h years at a film “ Nju Jack Siti “ Telling about hard everyday life of black drug dealers. Under the police statement, the gang during the existence has transformed quarter Bedford - Stjuvesant in whom it operated, in the present nursery of a drug mafia. On the account of members of grouping not only drug traffic, but also numerous murders, robberies and kidnappings. In 1999 during one of dismantlings someone has shot down the Wise man. The Survived brother has decided to revenge, and quarter was overflowed by a train of murders. Somebody Derril Baum became one of victims. It too was far not an angel. It is enough to tell that the nickname of the dead was Murder. However Baum was the personal friend, and at the same time and Mike Tyler`s bodyguard.

under the statement of former member Cash Money Brothers of Duejna Myers, after  destruction Bauma Mike Tyler has considered that the World is guilty of death of its friend. Under Myers, Tyler`s certificate “ has written out the contract “ On Demiona Hard`s murder (he now waits vessels following the results of which can be sentenced to the death penalty) and two more members of a gang, having promised to pay for their elimination $50 thousand Why “ the contract “ has not been executed, Duejn Myers has not specified. However he has told that that Tyler has ordered murder, Demion Hards and its confidant, somebody have learnt Abubakr Rahim. According to the witness, in 2000 Rahim with group of the improvised has grasped Range Rover in which as believed attacking, Mike Tyler went. Duejn Myers asserts that gangsters wanted to kill the boxer. However the plan has not been realised, as gangsters have suddenly remembered that Mike Tyler the Moslem.

Mike Tyler rejects all charges in participation in the organisation of custom-made murder. In the statement made the boxer, it is said that he was already tired that his name try to blacken all who feel like it. However, at Tyler and without that rather rich criminal past. Let`s remind that for the first time for a lattice it has got 1992 when the participant of a beauty contest of Dezire Washington has declared that the well-known heavyweight has raped her. Mike Tyler recognised as guilty and have condemned for six years. It has stayed half of term, has been ahead of schedule set free for good behaviour and has returned itself a rank of the world champion. In 1999 Mike Tyler have arrested in suburb of Washington after it has attacked on parking place on two older persons and has struck one of them a hand, and the second - a foot. Mike Tyler has again come to be in prison. The court of Maryland has given to it year. Actually Mike Tyler was released again ahead of schedule - in four months. In December, 2006 Tyler has been stopped by traffic police, and in its car have found the whole set of narcotic substances. The boxer was that is called, under a high. However to it has carried - the court has sentenced its all to ten days of prison.