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Poland has cut a window to Europe

the Context

As the influential Polish newspaper " has informed yesterday; Speech of Pospolita the agreement between Poland and the USA about placing in the Polish territory of objects of the ABM will be signed on July, 10th during arrival to Warsaw US State Secretary Condoleeza Rice. Madam Rice will arrive to Warsaw after Prague where the agreement on placing in Czechia the ABM entering about system American RLS on July, 8th should be signed. Granting of the American help for complex modernisation of armed forces of Poland was the main condition of the consent of Warsaw. By estimations of the Polish experts, the sum of potential investments exceeds $20 billion

Meanwhile at the Polish management, seemingly, till now there is no uniform approach to a placing question in Poland of ten American interceptor missiles. On Monday evening this question was discussed at an emergency meeting between the president of Poland Lehom Kachinsky and prime minister Donald Tusky. As any statement following the results of a meeting it has not been made, to the parties, possibly, and it was not possible to develop a uniform position.