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Lithuania has doubled citizenship

the Diet of Lithuania has accepted new edition of the law About citizenship according to which the right to preservation or reception of the Lithuanian citizenship henceforth will be only at Lithuanians - citizens of the EU countries and the NATO. To ethnic Lithuanians - to citizens of the Russian Federation who also would like to have a dual citizenship for visa-free trips to Europe, it will not allow. So Vilnius intends to secure itself from influences of Moscow .
In former edition of the law About citizenship it was said that each ethnic Lithuanian living in any country of the world, has the right to preservation of the Lithuanian citizenship. This right, in particular, covered the persons consisting in citizenship of Lithuania till June, 15th, 1940 (the beginning of joining of republic to the USSR. - ), their children, grandsons and great-grandsons and also persons of the Lithuanian origin living in other states. Nevertheless the constitutional court of Lithuania has considered necessary to narrow a circle of applicants for the Lithuanian citizenship. Specially created working group which has reduced number of competitors " was engaged in it; a dual citizenship .

According to new edition of the law, double (including Lithuanian) citizenship Lithuanians who have citizenship of any of the EU countries or the NATO which emigrated from Lithuania after 1940 or born outside of Lithuania and has obtained citizenship of the country of residing, and also the former political prisoners and exiled (and their descendants) have the right to reception.

At a stage of discussion of the law ethnic Lithuanians living in Russia have seen in it discrimination. On passing 13 - on June, 15th in St.-Petersburg congress of the Lithuanian communities of the Russian Federation it has been decided to direct to the president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus the resolution with an appeal to consider the rights of the Russian Lithuanians at the decision of a question on a dual citizenship. The Lithuanian authorities forget that in the former USSR there live many Lithuanians: it and young businessmen, and many other things. In Russia live not only exiled. And if for exiled the law provides the right to obtain the Lithuanian citizenship for all other Lithuanians of Russia - the Russian citizens of such possibility are not present - Birute Nenartavichjute has complained the chairman of the Union of the Lithuanian communities of Russia.

Some deputies of parliament of Lithuania also have considered the law discrimination in relation to the Lithuanians living outside of EU and the NATO. Nevertheless new edition of the law About citizenship has been accepted on Monday almost unanimously: for have voted 79, against - 4 and 9 members of parliament have refrained.

the passed law has put in unequal position and citizens of Lithuania. The Lithuanian Russian, Poles, Jews, Byelorussians cannot count on citizenship of the country, their being ethnic native land as in this case they automatically lose the Lithuanian passport. At the same time all persons of the Lithuanian origin where they lived, have the right to a dual citizenship. the person of the Lithuanian origin considers the person, whose parents or primogenitors or one of parents or primogenitors were Lithuanians, and this person recognises itself as the Lithuanian - it is told in the law.

so rigid restrictions have, seemingly, political underlying reason. The authorities of Lithuania do not hide that at possibility to have a dual citizenship many Russian-speaking citizens of Lithuania will wish to obtain the Russian citizenship and it will be a gift to Moscow for Russia will receive a legal substantiation to press through in Lithuania the interests .

, Vilnius