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Pushkin has cast

The new performance the director Tatyana Ahramkova names an actor`s opera on a theme Ruslana and Lyudmilas Pushkin and Glinka . To understand, what for drama actors needed to master opera arias, ALLA - SHENDEROVA tried.
the Appreciable gap in repertoire of the Moscow theatres - so-called performances for family viewing. With the first to fill it has tried MHT Chekhov`s name with zealous the Fad - Gorbunkom for which, by the way, already has had time to snip off at once two figurines Crystal Turandot (see about award delivery the same page). The theatre of a name of Stanislavsky has directed in the same direction. At MHT - Zinovija Margolin`s magnificent expensive scenery, fashionable director Evgenie Pisarev, Ershov`s copied by brothers of Presnjakovymi the text, and also Sergey Chekryzhov and Alexey Kortnev - in quality kupletistov. At Stanislavsky`s theatre - budgetary (That is simply poor) Stanislav Morozova`s scenery, Tatyana Ahramkovoj`s direction, and still Glinka and Pushkin which were adapted for a scene by Ekaterina Kretova. In both performances actors play the fantastic characters in stylistics of old Soviet films. It is, of course, clear - podi change ingenious Koshcheja - Sergey Martinsona or the Baba-yaga - George Milljara, after them on fantastic the field neither in cinema, nor on a scene to succeed to very few people it was possible. But in that is that and a trouble that style of old cinema on a modern scene looks rather archaically.

in the Fad - Gorbunke with arhaikoj struggle by means of texts of Presnjakovyh, music Accident and everyones director`s gegov. In martyrs of love with it do not struggle at all, and only try to banter. Sometimes leaves ridiculously and lovely - for example when in a prologue the Cat (Konstantin Bogdanov) gets out of a hollow in a thick stub (everything that remains from an oak) and, sneezing from a dust, sets up on the record player hidden in roots a plate with an aria about predanjah olden time deep or when the chorus of pensioners under leadership srebrokudroj Nainy (Lada Maris) represents a harem enticing in the networks of Ruslana. Sometimes strange - when the trio of elderly wizards, Lel, the Harmony and Perun, suddenly starts to play altered the Scene from Faust : To me it is boring, Lel - What to do, the Harmony... but almost in all cases it is too tightened.

unlike Pushkin`s poem Lyudmila`s abduction is initiated here by Lel (Yury Duvanov) to amuse itself and the wards. All its magic Trinity (obviously copying to Voland`s retinue) goes on a scene in black glasses, listens on the jingling receiver of the headline news, submitted Pushkin`s verses: There are marching carts... A trouble, have risen pechenegi! a proscenium plays an orchestra, and actress Maria Fortunatova though it is weak in game scenes, but sings Lyudmila`s arias at quite professional level. Other executors sing, as well as it is necessary to sing to not too trained drama actors. Position is not rescued even by the Cat, continually hoarsely podmjaukivajushchy and by that reducing all opera serez on is not present.

If all it lasted half an hour, there would be a quite good joke, musical kapustnik for schoolboys and members of their families, but performance lasts all three! From a scene to a scene the thought about poor repertuarnom theatre, though also lovely, but infinitely archaic and, alas, attaining the age gets stronger. More close to the ending when children sitting in a hall strong sleep, and adults impatiently look at the watch, actors appear in a role of old woman Nainy which eyes have sunk down, plaits have turned grey, and it as if without knowing about it, still solicits spectator love.