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Russia will rise on the Austrian money

details of building for Joint-Stock Company company " Became known; Russia (Omsk) in a left bank of Omsk of a multipurpose trading-hotel complex. Finances the project the Austrian bank group rajffajzen Bank . Investment investments will make 165 million According to investors, they already have arrangements with anchor tenants - German ritejlerami, which actively are interested in the Siberian market . Participants of the regional market of real estate notice that Joint-Stock Company project Russia can be successful only at short - till three years - building terms. In Joint-Stock Company Russia declare that building of a multipurpose complex should be finished within five years. About Joint-Stock Company building Russia a multipurpose trading-hotel complex with the working name the Bird`s harbour on street 3rd Yenisei, in territory of former 6th taxi pool, were informed yesterday by the architect of the project Arcady Zhukov. the total area of a site for building makes 13 hectares, here will be constructed more than 140 thousand in sq. m of commercial real estate. It is the four-stars hotel, two 14-storeyed office centres, two trading molla which will include wholesale shop and a hypermarket, also here will be erected a cinema to three hall and a motor show. Building will be conducted in four turns - Arcady Zhukov has told. According to the chairman of board of directors of Joint-Stock Company Russia Nikolay Afanaseva, project cost will make 165 million as the Investor of building the Austrian bank group " acts; rajffajzen Bank money is already listed into our account. The building first stage is presented by a hotel complex. For management of hotel the international operator Rezidor Hotel Group who works under brand Park Inn " will be involved; - mister Afanasev has informed. To pay back investments the company plans within five years. As he said, complex floor spaces do not remain without tenants: Unlike many other builders we count on ritejlerov Germany which search for an exit on the Siberian market . As mister Afanasev has informed, building of a multipurpose complex should be finished within five years.
participants of the regional market of real estate notice that Joint-Stock Company project Russia can be successful only at short terms of building. According to the assistant to the general director of holding group of the enterprises the Millennium (is engaged in building of commercial and administrative real estate in Omsk. - ) Dmitry Savelyev, In two-three years the Omsk market of real estate will stop . Today all developers go on nakatannoj to the Moscow path: the shopping centre in a complex with offices, entertaining objects and other is under construction. The market demands something new. For example, we have refused from standard butikovoj galleries, having given floor spaces to three-four large tenants. From the list of objects of Joint-Stock Company Russia the hotel is allocated only. But much the format and building terms mean: in five-six years in Omsk there will be a satiation hotel projects, as now - floor spaces - mister Savelyev marks. Under its forecasts, the situation in the building market reaches the apogee: the Market both commercial, and inhabited real estate is oversaturated. Trading complexes lose tenants. Under the informal information, the part of the large Omsk building organisations already is today at a bankruptcy stage .
Representatives of hotel business, in turn, consider what to speak about a competition while early. At the moment the Omsk market is ready to accept one more large operator of hotel business, market capacities will suffice on all. As at Park Inn the niche: they position the hotels as hotels of an average link, it not high-class hotels. Such format in Omsk now is not present, experience of this operator in Russia is successful enough - the project head of building of multipurpose socially-business complex Hilton in Omsk Oleg Mikhalev marks.
analysts underline a high risk for the investor realising the project of complex building. raises the doubts napolnjaemost trading complexes tenants. Local operators still should beat off expenses on occurrence in existing complexes. And federal networks for that time while the complex will be constructed, will settle in IKEA. Offices can be filled and make profit only on condition that will be cheap enough. A class And in this part of a city obviously it will not be claimed - the general director of company Regional Real Estate Dmitry Sapunov considers. By its estimation, investors will face the big problems if will not show unprecedented enterprise activity : to the City with an existing standard of living enough scale projects. A high competition in a left bank and that in due course the situation in the market will not improve, make against the given project - he demands too many financial investments .
As Nikolay Afanasev, to building of the first stage of a complex of Joint-Stock Company " has informed; Russia will start till the end of 2008.
Galina Lipatov, Omsk