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The Office of Public Prosecutor has not justified public expectations

Arbitration court of the Novosibirsk region has refused to satisfy the claim of regional Office of Public Prosecutor to the mayoralty of Novosibirsk about a recognition void the lease contract of one of the ground areas at Narymsky square. Yesterday it became known that the Office of Public Prosecutor intends to appeal against against this decision. Public prosecutors are assured: the mayoralty illegally perezonirovala territory also has given a part of the nature protection earths to the Moscow Open Company “ RGS “Real estate“ “ (affilirovano from Open Society “ Rosgosstrakh “) Under building of business centre without tendering. According to the public men supporting preservation of square in former borders, Office of Public Prosecutor “ nonprofessionally prepares for judicial sessions and for certain will lose processes and on other sites round Narymsky “. Past Monday the arbitration court of the Novosibirsk region has considered the claim of regional Office of Public Prosecutor to the mayoralty of Novosibirsk, concerning one of sites at Narymsky square the area of 0,6 hectares. In December, 2004 of Open Company “ RGS “Real estate“ “ (it is created in 2003 for realisation and management of developer projects of Open Society “ Rosgosstrakh “ in 2006 has joined the holding company “ Klover groups “) Has received from the mayoralty of Novosibirsk the preliminary coordination on granting of the ground areas by the area about 1 hectare on border of Narymsky square from street of 1905 for business centre building. Further the company began to untwist it under trade mark Clover Citycenter HK “ Klover groups “. The First stage of the project with investments at $40-45 million level provided creation of a complex of buildings: four-stars hotel on 200 places, business - of the centre, a sports complex with a covered tennis court and parkings. In February, 2007 of Open Company “ RGS “Real estate“ “ has transferred the rights to sites and project realisation to the Moscow Open Company “ the Renaissance “ (also enters in “ Klover groups “) .
the Project has caused active wide counteraction of the ecological public and local residents, in many respects under which initiative this recreational zone has been created. Has not calmed public men and that fact that the mayoralty has been compelled to burden the builder with square reconstruction for the sum of 20 million rbl., - they continued to achieve full cancellation of building. During last unapproved collision with militia has occurred the protest action authorities on May, 6th. Then four picketers have been detained.
on the party of opponents of building the Office of Public Prosecutor which has addressed in arbitration has acted also. As the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor Andrey Firdman has told „“, as a result of the check spent by it has been established that in 2005 the mayoralty has illegally spent rezoning of territory of square therefore some sites about 1 hectare have been deprived by a total area the status nature protection. Besides, the earths are transferred the builder - Open Company “ RGS “Real estate“ “ - Without the auctions. But on Monday the judge of arbitration court Leonid Chalyh has left the claim of Office of Public Prosecutor without satisfaction.
the representative of the mayoralty in court comments has refused. It was not possible to find out a position of the builder: the head of service public relations and advertising “ Klover groups “ Dmitry Ponomarev has promised to answer questions „“, but till the end of day of it has not made.
Andrey Firdman has declared yesterday „“ that the Office of Public Prosecutor will appeal against against a verdict in the Seventh arbitration appeal court (Tomsk) right after receptions of the conclusion of regional court: “ We still consider that at allocation of these earths under business centre building requirements of the ground and town-planning legislation " have been broken;. As he said, in the near future in arbitration four more statements of claim of Office of Public Prosecutor for the ground areas of territory of square on which it was planned to construct objects of business centre will be considered.
Meanwhile public men remained are dissatisfied with actions of Office of Public Prosecutor. One of active workers of campaign for preservation of Narymsky square in former borders Marina Shirokovsky who was present at arbitration as the observer, in conversation with „“ has estimated them as nonprofessional. As she said, “ it (Andrey Firdman. - „“) could not answer in essence neither one question of the judge, nor on one written objection of the respondent “. She has assumed that the same destiny expects also other claims of the Office of Public Prosecutor, concerning square. Thus, the madam Shirokovsky has concluded, the Office of Public Prosecutor only has worsened a position of the townspeople also acting with several claims against building. “ encourages only that continue to operate obespechitelnye measures of court of law, and building at square is now suspended “ - has added obshchestvennitsa.
Yury Belov, Novosibirsk