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the Perm airlines will fall on the earth

As it became known , in August, 2008 FGUP the Perm airlines (HAS fallen) will transfer functions on management of flights in the lowest air echelon FGUP State corporation on the air traffic organisation to jurisdictional enterprise Rosaeronavigatsii. Earlier aeronavigation activity HAS fallen caused conflicts to private carriers which were dissatisfied with tariffs HAS fallen. As the minister of town-planning and an infrastructure of edge Alexander Kudryavtsev has informed , negotiations on transfer of land control office Perm (NDP) FGUP State corporation on the air traffic organisation have entered finishing phase. Now NDP Perm is a part HAS fallen. I met past week both representatives of state corporation, and with the head of Federal aeronavigation service of Russia Alexander Neradko. They have confirmed that the decision on transfer NDP Perm it is accepted, it will be issued till August of this year. It does not mean that till August, 1st all NDP will be modernised, translated on a new basis and fully completed. But it means that there will be a possibility of its modernisation - mister Kudryavtsev has explained. In the government consider that transfer NDP Perm will positively affect activity HAS fallen, as the organisation of aeronavigation service of small aircraft is not profile activity FGUP.

the Source in the Perm airlines this information has confirmed. we were engaged in activity which in general - that is accountable to other department - Rosaeronavigatsii, - tells a source in aviation enterprise. - This business was not for us unprofitable, it was favourable and interesting, but in 2008 HAS fallen has made decision to curtail helicopter business, therefore transfer of management of movement on the lowest echelon - reasonable . According to a source, on the lowest echelons 30 persons were engaged in movement management.

FGUP the Perm airlines Lysve, Chermoze, and also the main airport in Perm - Big Savino operates airfields in Nyrobe, Tchaikovsky. For January - November, 2007 the Perm airport has accepted 493 thousand passengers. Gain FGUP last year - about 800 million rbl. it is necessary to notice that aeronavigation activity HAS fallen last year became a dispute subject between FGUP and airline Geliks under control to deputy ZS Alexander Fleginsky. Geliks Has addressed in Federal antimonopoly service with the complaint on overestimated, in its opinion, tariffs for aeronavigation service of aircrafts. In the Perm airlines asserted that the prices are proved and confirmed in the federal commission on tariffs. However in UFAS recognised HAS fallen infringers of the antimonopoly law, judicial suit between the Perm airlines and state department lasts till now.

the general director of Joint-Stock Company AK Geliks Anatoly Glazyrin considers that with transfer HAS fallen state corporations of functions of management of movement by transport on the lowest echelon there will be positive changes, and the disputes existing at its company with the Perm airlines will disappear. the control system of transport should be in one hands, - believes a top - the manager Geliksa - and tariffs become uniform for all airlines, as at our neighbours in Udmurtiya and Bashkortostan .

it is necessary to notice that FGUP the Perm airlines gradually gets rid of the various kinds of activity connected with aircraft, turning to the enterprise, as a matter of fact, Big Savino operating the airport. In 2006 between HAS fallen also aviation enterprise Siberia (S7) it has been concluded a code - sheringovoe the agreement according to which company S7 has replaced FGUP on lines Perm - Moscow and became the basic carrier in Perm. Besides, flight crews HAS fallen have been partially employed in S7, and now there are negotiations between HAS fallen also Joint-Stock Company Geliks about transfer of helicopters HAS fallen also employment of crews in the helicopter company.

the source in HAS fallen has added that in state aviation enterprise creation of new federal State Unitary Enterprise which will unite poiskovo - saving groups at state aviation enterprises wait. It is expected that the same group existing at HAS fallen, will be transferred in it FGUP.

Now in HAS fallen there was a park of liners of type They be 134, An - 24 and the Yak - 40, the part from them is in rent of the Russian airlines.

thus, HAS fallen will leave in the conducting only land activity. Under the information , in July Big Savino Lufthansa Consulting company should present strategy of development of the airport.
the OFFICE of Public Prosecutor was engaged in the RIGHTS of INVALIDS In court of the Perm area the statement of claim about observance of the legislation of the Russian Federation about social protection of invalids in air terminal FGUP is directed HAS fallen. The Perm transport Office of Public Prosecutor has ordered to a management HAS fallen under compulsion to eliminate 16 infringements, including to provide in an air terminal building a special foot strip, the expectation and rest zones, special seats, sofas and toilets for invalids, and also places for the accompanying. All premises should be equipped by ramps and hand-rail. Besides, the supervising body has ordered to provide in departure and arrival platforms special exits for malomobilnyh passengers and to get special lifts and devices for landing knots - an added gangway - the escalator or the autolift. It already the third claim for half a year of supervising body to FGUP about award of discharge of duties in nature. As have explained in the Perm airlines : All lacks revealed by Office of Public Prosecutor, are eliminated routinely . Lawyers HAS fallen in a course of our claim, they declare that the aviation enterprise is ready to fulfil all requirements, but now in budget FGUP on it there are no means - Angela Ilenkova has declared the assistant to the transport public prosecutor. So, under the information , the gangway - eksalator can manage HAS fallen in 7 million rbl. the Similar lift in FGUP is, now it is used for loading of breakfasts in planes, but it is equipped and ready for lifting of inactive passengers aboard - has added a source in HAS fallen. Olga Andreeva