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  SHOTS Igor Sasunov while remains in mayoralty PermiDalnejshaja destiny of the chairman of transport committee of Perm of Igor Sasunova will be defined next Thursday. The high-ranking official has informed on it „“ in the mayoralty of Perm. We will remind that one week ago city deputies have accepted new structure goradministratsii. The document has introduced a number of important changes. So, for example, on the basis of committee on transport the department of roads and transport will be created. And the new body will receive enough large powers. To new department functions of department of public safety on the organisation of traffic, penal parking and on interaction from traffic police, a part of functions of management of an external accomplishment on planning, building, reconstruction and capital repairs of roads will be transferred. According to the source „“, it is expected that g - n Sasunov will be translated in new department. However in what status it is not known yet. The interlocutor has informed that for department coordination, its chief should understand both transport system, and in a road economy. Igor Sasunov as the former carrier, is well familiar only with the first problematics. It is not excluded that the official becomes the first vice-presidents of department on transport questions, or in general will leave goradministratsiju. Itself g - n Sasunov has refused to comment yesterday „“ on the further plans. “ give those we will not run yet ahead of a train “ - he has noticed.
Artem Voronenko

  CORPORATE GOVERNANCE KES and Andrey Kitasheva`s group have divided council “ Permenergosbyta “ the annual meeting of shareholders of Open Society " on June, 30th has taken place; Permenergosbyt “ (PES) which have confirmed the annual report and have re-elected board of directors (SD). By data „“, on four places in council (it consists of nine directors) representatives KES - Holding and general director OGK - 4 Andreys Kitasheva have received. Also into council has entered were zampredpravlenija the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ Jacob Urinson. By data „“, in SD PES it will be original “ the guarantor “ in relations between two groups of shareholders. We will remind that in the end of 2007 struggle for control over PES between two groups of shareholders was developed. Then at the auctions of 64,36 % of ordinary actions PES (49 % from a joint-stock company authorised capital stock) for 1,2 mlrd rbl. have redeemed Open Company “ Reliability Center “. KES - the holding owning of 30 % of authorised capital stock PES, has tried to replace a top - management of the marketing company. As a result of the party conflict have agreed about management PES on an equal footing. It is supposed that g - n Urinson will head board of directors PES on July, 18th. Then the new general director of joint-stock company will be selected. Now 18,27 % of actions PES are registered for Open Company “ The investment company „Em Dzhi Sekjuritiz“ “ and 24,37 % - for NP “ National depozitarnyj the centre “. 23,12 More % of actions belong personally to Andrey Kitashevu, general director OGK - 4.
Vyacheslav Sukhanov

Andrey Agishev has headed board of directors “ Permavtodora “ the annual meeting of Open Society " on June, 30th has taken place; Permavtodor “ (PAD). Shareholders of joint-stock company have confirmed the annual report, have re-elected the board of directors which structure has not changed. New chairman of board of directors PAD had been selected Andrey Agishev, the general director of Open Company “ Permregiongaz “ and owner FG “ Ermak “. Earlier council was headed by businessman Sergey Makarov. By data „“ present owners “ Ermaka “ - the Perm businessmen Sergey Makarov, Andrey Agishev, Yury Borisovets and Alexander Fleginsky (own on 25 % of joint-stock company) - have agreed about a serial management of council. In 2007 they have redeemed at the edge government for 790 million rbl. of 100 % of actions “ Permavtodora “. Now on 25 % of joint-stock company own Open Company “ Ermak the Broker “ g - on Agisheva, Open Company “ the Leader “ g - on Fleginsky, Open Company “ TrastInKom “ g - on Borisovtsa and Joint-Stock Company “ Western - the Ural chemical company “ g - on Makarova. “ Permavtodor “ it is created in 1972, Contains 75 % of roads of edge, a share in the market of road repair - 27 %, buildings - 6 %. In 2006 the gain has made 1,078 mlrd rbl., net profit - 44,5 million rbl.
Vyacheslav Sukhanov

  INVESTIGATION Concerning the businessman is raised delokak it became known „“, the Main investigatory management of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs on the Perm edge has brought action in the relation of the owner of Open Company “ the Broiler of groups “ (supervises integrated poultry farms “ Jajvinsky “ and “ Sylvensky “) Denis Polivtseva. Business is raised as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“ Swindle in especially large size “) . According to the source in law enforcement bodies of Prikamye, some years ago the businessman took the credit in Joint-Stock Company “ Ekonatsbank “ for the sum about 30 million rbl. on the security of one of PTF. It was going to enclose this money in manufacture development. “ now we try to establish, whether it undertook any steps for accounts payable liquidation, - tells a source, - and also we find out, where it has spent the means received from bank “. It also has explained that the fault the businessman yet does not recognise, asserting that money has been enclosed in Open Society development “ the Perm flour-grinding factory “ where it is the co-owner. “ I do not know about excitation against me business if it has been raised, I about it would learn. Probably, it is someone`s provocation! “ - Denis Polivtsev has declared „“. In a press - service of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs comments have refused, the source close to Perm branch Ekonatsbanka, has informed „“ that it knows about the raised business.
Maxim Strugov

  PRIVATIZATION the Authorities of Udmurtiya sell the last aktivydo the end of the year administration of the Udmurt Republic (Ur) plans to realise the state blocks of shares which have remained in its property of two likerovodochnyh the factories, three integrated poultry farms, Open Society “ East “ and Open Society “ Elekond “. The minister of property relations yesterday has informed On it Ur Sergey Kasihin. The nearest auctions should pass in August - September. By words g - on Kasihina in the government do not wait for new participants and the more so their considerable quantity. It is supposed that the rests will be bought by today`s owners of packages. So, on 75 % of actions of Open Society “ the Udmurt integrated poultry farm “ Open Society “ the Integrated poultry farm “ Varaksino “ “ Open Society “ the Izhevsk integrated poultry farm “ And Open Society “ East “ owns “ KOMOS groups “ (it is supervised by businessman Andrey Oskolkovym). The basic applicant for block share holdings of two manufacturers of strong alcohol in region - Open Society “ likerovodochnyj factory “ Glazovsky “ “ and Open Society “ Sarapulsky likerovodochnyj factory “ in republic consider Open Company “ the Exclusive of Alko “ - souchreditel Open Society “ Udmurtspirtprom “. Now Muscovites own on 17,7 % of actions regional LVZ. We will remind, in the beginning of 2008 the government Ur together with Open Company “ the Exclusive of Alko “ has founded USP where have been brought on 49 % of the state actions Sarapulsky and Glazovsky LVZ. The basic shareholders sarapulskogo “ Elekonda “ for today are Open Company “ Elekond - Service “ - 53 %, Joint-Stock Company “ the Center of Creation of Demand “ - 19,8 % and the Ministry of Property Ur - 10,34 %. After realisation of all specified actives in the property Ur from large packages there are only actions of the road enterprises. Their sale of the power of republic intend to begin next year.
Galina Volkova, Izhevsk

  DEVELOPMENT In Industrial area of Perm there will be office centre of a class “ And “ In Industrial area of Perm there will be new office building of a class “ And “. The customer and invetorom 21 - floor object are Open Company “ ZapadUralStroj “ and Open Company “ the Geosystem “. Yesterday on gradsovete its members and mayor Igor Shubin have confirmed the architectural concept of office centre. And the head of Industrial area Alexander Sapunov has noticed that this object will supplement an administrative centre of area formed today (the building of planned office centre will settle down nearby from hotel Olympia Plaza, pool “ Olympia “ and Broadcasting Company “ Capital “) . Developers estimate the sum of investments of the project of 400 million rbl. the site Area makes 1540 sq. m, the building total area will make 16,2 thousand in sq. m.