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the Union of Russian people it has appeared extremist community

In the Amur region the sentence is pronounced to three active workers of regional branch of not registered political organisation the Union of Russian people . They were accused of the organisation of extremist community and excitation national, racial and religious hostility. Real term - three years of a colony - settlements - was received only by the leader of the organisation Igor Terekhov, the others have got off with conditional punishment. Nationalists of fault did not recognise.
business of leaders of the Amur branch the Union of Russian people obeyed in Blagoveshchensk city court. The head of branch Igor Terekhov both its assistants Evgenie Smirnov and Sergey Sychev were accused under item 282 of the criminal code of Russian Federation ( Excitation national, racial and religious hostility ), and also on p.1 item 282 - 1 criminal code of Russian Federation ( the Organization of extremist community ) (Charge under the second article in court was considered in region for the first time). On the versions of the investigation, the branch created in 2006 the Union of Russian people has signs of the extremist organisation: its participants regularly publicly acted with the speeches directed against Caucasians and Jews, and also called for violent overthrow of the power. We will notice that concerning Igor Terekhov the Office of Public Prosecutor filed criminal charges in April, 2006 after, according to the investigation, at the constituent assembly of the organisation the leader of nationalists has admitted some public Antisemitic statements, however the court has considered its fault not proved.

on January, 28th, 2007 the Amur branch the Union of Russian people has organised meeting in Vladimir Kvachkova accused of attempt at Anatoly Chubays`s protection. 45 persons have taken part in the action. Some participants, in particular, bore posters United Russia - party of national change the State Duma - the state synagogue . Meeting has become the cause for check of activity of the union. In a staff - organisation apartment the search in which course the nationalist literature, and also a film, according to employees of the Department of Internal Affairs, the extremist maintenance is withdrawn has been conducted. New criminal case has been brought, in September, 2007 the Blagoveshchensk city court has sentenced Igor Terekhov to one and a half years of a colony - settlements. In the meantime while there was a consequence, in April 2007 one more action - concerning Igor Terekhov, Evgenie Smirnova and Sergey Sychev has been brought this time.

Oksana Mazjarkina has explained a state accuser in court: charges Made by the defendant completely are proved, their statements sounded publicly - on meetings or in mass-media which did materials about it . Defendants have declared that all charges are far-fetched and have under itself no bases. However the court recognised all three guilty. Taking into account the first term defendant Terekhov has received three years of a colony - settlements, and defendants Smirnov and Sychev have got off with conditional terms - two and a half and two years accordingly.

after announcement of a sentence Igor Terekhov has crossed and has loudly told: Forgive them, My God, for do not know that create . Someone is disturbed by national idea under the flag of orthodox church, - its condemned Sychev has supported. - but without it people will come to even more radical nationalism .

, Blagoveshchensk