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To small-scale business have measured a dose of checks

the Commission on development of small and average business under the direction of the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov yesterday has made decision to limit check of the enterprises of small and average business to an once in three years and 70 hours in working year. It was demanded by president Dmitry Medvedev in May - the bill, however, could not satisfy all requests of small-scale business.
the first vitse - prime minister Igor Shuvalov at session of the governmental commission on development of small and average business has approved yesterday a package of bills on development of small and average business - removal of administrative barriers from May, 2008 is demanded by president Dmitry Medvedev. According to mister Shuvalov, the government is ready to submit to their consideration of the chairman of the government, then the president and to direct to the State Duma . It decided to cancel completely the law in force About protection of the rights of legal persons and individual businessmen at carrying out of state control (supervision) and to replace its new with almost identical name. The document text is available on hand . The head of Ministry of economic development and trade Elvira Nabiullina is assured that the position occupied with the government on small-scale business, including expressed in the bill, will result through five - seven years in growth of a share of small enterprises from present 17 % in gross national product to 50 %.

the New law enters a notifying order to start business into some the most demanded new businessmen spheres - such as trade, household services, public catering. Notices by mail, and since 2011 will go in electronic form to federal enforcement authority (presumably, FAS) or to regional and municipal authorities. Responsibility for reliability of data in the notice is assigned to the applicant, they will be checked selectively and by in advance certain criteria. The innovation does not cancel registration of the enterprises in FNS - simplification occurs at the expense of cancellation of reception of various inquiries, permissions and coordination from municipal and regional authorities.

as regards control reduction of number checking is offered. Concerning one enterprise check it will be possible to spend only time in three years. Besides, the annual limit on check of one enterprise - no more is established than 70 hours. It will be possible to inspect only socially significant objects - schools, hospitals is more often. With off-schedule visits the checking can be only from the sanction of higher Office of Public Prosecutor, that is the visa on check to the municipal official should be received in Office of Public Prosecutor not the area, and area (corresponding amendments to the law on Office of Public Prosecutor are on the coordination in Ministry of Justice). On checks of bodies of tax, customs, budgetary control, and also spent to frameworks operatively - search, investigatory actions action of the approved bill does not extend. Also amendments to the law " are approved; About militia with which are limited extraremedial powers of employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The project about replacement of licensing by obligatory insurance of responsibility in such branches, as post services, transportation and service of cargoes is separately approved.

the president of the All-Russian organisation of small and average business the Support Sergey Borisov has declared yesterday that the commission has approved not all offers of small-scale business. For example, the Ministry of Internal Affairs continues to defend the right of control commodity - the accompanying documentation. Boris`s mister has noted yesterday, what even the made decisions was uneasy to win from state employees : As he said, against Minzdravsotsrazvitija and the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday expressed.