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Casinos win a delay

Date of a conclusion of a gaming in special zones it is offered to transfer

To the State Duma the bill of carrying over for three years of term of a conclusion of a gaming in zones - since July, 1st 2009 - go for July, 1st, 2012 is introduced. The deputy who has brought him - United Russia party member Alexander Popov also suggests to grant to the government to name right the locations of new zones. Participants of the gambling market declare the non-participation in the initiative, in the State Duma and the government doubt its realisation and connect occurrence of the bill with desire of authorities Tatarii to legalise actually created zone Kamsky Glades.

the first vice-president of the commission of the State Duma on mandatory questions and questions of deputy ethics Alexander Popov ( an United Russia ) Earlier has not been noticed in interest to a gambling theme. Nevertheless it is equal one year prior to prospective resettlement of hazardous business it suggests to transfer an outcome for July, 1st, 2012. Also it is offered to grant to the government the right most to make decisions on creation of new zones on motivirovannoj to the request region managements. It is a question of formation additional reservations except named in the law, created in the Kaliningrad region, on border of the Rostov and Krasnodar areas, in Altay and Primorski Territory (on last zone of the necessary decision of the government till now is not present). The deputy explains the initiative to that the future zones on - former represent the deserted ground areas demanding considerable capital investments. Thus in separate subjects Such as Moscow and Tatarija, writes in the explanatory note the deputy, the infrastructure of this business exists, and it regularly fills up local budgets.

the author of the initiative was inaccessible yesterday to comments. The member of profile committee of the State Duma on economic policy Vladimir Medinsky has told that it does not know about bill discussion at level an United Russia however, in its opinion, the document will be hardly supported by party. the more close by July, 1st, 2009, the will be similar projects more. The gaming has from the very beginning counted not on law performance, and on its change. It is first signs, further pressure of a gambling lobby will amplify only - he speaks.

the gaming declares the non-participation in the project. we know nothing about this law, but we will watch closely its destiny - has told The chief executive of Association of figures of a gaming Valery Milov. The representative of the largest Russian operator Ritzio Entertainment (networks the Volcano Million and others) Larissa Shishkin says that has learnt about the initiative from . Participation in the project deny and in RSPP - there recently declared necessity of revision of the law. Dmitry Slobodkin has noted the vice-president of commission RSPP on tourism, the industry of hospitality and entertainments, the law regarding creation of zones in godforsaken places will not be obviously executed and consequently demands changes. However, in its opinion, it is necessary not to be engaged in zones, and to accept variant RSPP about uniform distribution of institutions on territory of the country by their placing at hotels.

a source In the government connects occurrence of the project with the recent reference of a management of Tatarii to the government about inclusion located on territory of republic of settlement of city type Kamsky Glades in the list of gambling zones (this unique location of six Tatar casinos after an interdiction of hazardous business in republic). According to the source, to understand with this request the government has charged to Ministry of Economics and the Ministry of Finance which while were limited to inquiry of the documentation on a potential zone.