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Game rules

to Observe of a course of loud litigations - work often ungrateful. Affairs are postponed for the most banal reasons, such as absence of the notice someone from participants of process or absence of the arbitration assessor. But in such situation, at least, it is possible to understand, whether business and when following session will take place is live. And here in the affairs connected with the multinational corporation - VR, it is impossible to understand sometimes anything.

yesterday in arbitration court of Moscow preliminary session on the first of four statements submitted Open Society " has been appointed; the multinational corporation - VR Management to State Labour Inspection in Moscow. The multinational corporations - VR, the Russian and which foreign shareholders stay in a condition of the deep conflict, challenges the checks of inspection connected with the foreign personnel of the company. Interest of journalists, naturally, was huge, under an office door the impressive crowd has gathered. To court have come not only constant representatives of news agencies, but also rare press photographers in courts.

time went, but session did not begin. At last the judge left an office and has addressed to the gathered: There is somebody on 10. 30? - We - chorus journalists have informed. the parties are not present? - The judge has specified. - good-bye .

Later in work inspection have told that from May, 28th which the multinational corporation - VR has appealed against within the limits of this business, inspection has cancelled the decision on check. we have not gone to court, but have directed there materials about a response from the company of the inquiry and have asked to stop manufacture on business - have informed in inspection.

such explanation has surprised me even more strongly. It is possible to result many examples when after giving of the claim any state body cancelled the challenged decision, and the dispute subject disappeared. But in such cases of the party came to court, at session the claimant officially refused the claim, and the court defined, to accept refusal or not. In yesterday`s business till now it is not clear, - VR the multinational corporation has refused the claim or not: the information on refusal did not arrive even in inspection on work. In the multinational corporation - VR on a situation do not make comments, explaining that business is conducted by lawyers of foreign firm Herbert Smith. And lawyers on contact to the press do not go in general.

I do not know, whether there is here a merit of foreign lawyers, but the multinational corporation - VR recently differs special elusiveness. On June, 9th, for example, the head of the multinational corporation - VR Robert Dadli has not come to Presnensky Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow apropos all the same labour legislation. The journalists crowding at doors of Office of Public Prosecutor, have been extremely disappointed.

and in arbitration court of Moscow the surprises connected with the multinational corporation - VR, happen with an enviable regularity. In the end of May with huge work it was possible to find business in which VR Exploration Services Ltd demanded to suspend will lock the multinational corporation - VR to engage foreign employees: the business obeying in Moscow, had number of the Tyumen court. In a business card, in which the multinational corporation - VR Management challenges tax claims, why - that appears the claimant also Joint-Stock Company the Krasnodar oil refining factory in the claim not appearing. And business, in which the multinational corporation - VR Management has challenged new and very important decision of inspection on the work, taken out instead of cancelled, in general it is coded in a court card file as the claim the multinational corporation - VR Management to JUF Herbert Smith of CIS LLP .