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Horror from a chasm 2. 10

Director S.Guterrez. In roles: R.Sjuell, K.Gudzhino. The USA, 2001

the Young circus actor cynically gave out the workmate for the mermaid while in the house of one old man they have not found out the present natatorial individual. If he read fairy tales, he would know that magic beings it is impossible to abduct for the purpose of a profit.


the Girl on the bridge 1. 50

the Director P.Lekont. In roles: D.Otej, V.Paradi. France, 1998

the Most known sentimental film which has been removed by Patrisom Lekontom, not without the bases considered new Claude Leljushem . The sad thrower of knifes suggests the lost maiden not to jump from the bridge in Hay, and to become its assistant.


Day of anger 2. 00

Director E.Rudomin. In roles: K.Lamber, B.Marsilja, B. Blessid. Great Britain, 2005

the Sample of a fashionable genre of the historical thriller generated the Rose Name Umberto Eko. In 1542 the Spanish aristocrat untangles serial murders of notable citizens, whose bodies disappear from a scene of crime.


Two Mrs. Carroll 21. 20

the Director P.Godfri. In roles: H.Bogart, B.Stenvik, A.Smith. The USA, 1947

the Film so frankly perediraet motives Suspicions and doubt Shades Alfreda Hitchcock that is perceived any more as a thriller, and as a parody to. The heroine casually learns that its partner in life has hidden from it existence of the wife perishing under suspicious circumstances.


Superbrothers of Mario 22. 00

E.Jankel, R.Morton`s Directors. In roles: B.Hoskins, D.Hopper, D.Leguizamo. The USA, 1993

Plain brothers - sanitary technicians have found a door in other measurement, have got acquainted with the princess and could not refuse to it the request to save the world from spiteful diplodokov.


Roaring the twentieth 23. 30

the Director R.Uolsh. In roles: D.Kegni, H.Bogart, P.Lejn. The USA, 1939

the Magnificent gangster film known in the USSR as Destiny of the soldier in America . Three front friends, having returned home, plunge into an infernal hopelessness the dry law and gangster wars. Hamfri Bogart did not leave yet on the foreground, playing unconditional, but the minor bastard.

the STAR

Seventy two degrees below zero 23. 55

Directors S.Danilin, E.Tatarsky. In roles: N.Krjuchkov, J.Demich, O.Yankovsky. The USSR, 1976

Exemplary Soviet heroic cinema. Group of volunteers from the Antarctic station Peace is caused to rescue scientific station the East from the closing caused by a lack of fuel. A geomagnetic pole of the Earth in reliable hands.