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Tulainkom at the coal country

In auctions under licences for coal deposits in Russia the new record took set up. A site of the Undytkansky carboniferous area in Yakutia yesterday was it is sold almost for 1 billion Buyer became Open Society Tulainkom operating, under the informal data, in interests of Open Society a Mechel . Experts consider sharp growth of cost of coal resources by the established tendency and continuation of an agiotage round these licences wait.
the auction which has Begun still in April on sale of a site of the Undytkansky carboniferous area with look-ahead resources on category 3 in number of 905 million tons has come to the end yesterday on 7029 - m a step with Open Society victory Tulainkom (has the general shareholders with Uglemetbankom which is the basic clearing bank a Mechel ) . At the starting price of 50 million rbl. the prize has been sold for 35,195 mlrd rbl. (954 million). It is an absolute record of cost of the coal licence in Russia at initial auction.

except Tulainkom in the auctions took part JAkutugol (on 100 % belongs to a Mechel ), Joint-Stock Company Kolmar the project and HK Sakha - Coal (structure Kolmar the project ) . About Kolmar the project that the company was created four years ago by Dmitry Martsul occupying supervising posts in the coal companies, entered into holding is known only. Open Company Kolmar owns controlling stocks in the enterprises mastering Southern - the Yakut coal deposit: Open Company the joint venture Erel Joint-Stock Company the Yakut coals - New technologies Open Society nerjungriugol . The holding partner is Open Society Corporation of development of Southern Yakutia created by the government of Yakutia.

the same companies struggled in April for Few - the Elginsky site with look-ahead stocks of 37 million tons of coal on categories 1 and 11,4 million tons on 2 (see from April, 30th). Then on 1600 - the m a step the winner became Sakha - Coal offered 6,44 mlrd rbl. at the starting price of 40 million rbl. the Previous price record has been noted in the end of June in Kemerovo. The site Uregolsky New on 2701 - m a step has been bought for 13,55 mlrd rbl. belonging novosibirskenergo a cut Sereulsky (see from June, 27th). For this site also applied Tulainkom but it has not been admitted to the final stage of the auctions as could not confirm the solvency. At yesterday`s auction of such requirement it was not put forward.

interrogated analysts are convinced that the agiotage accompanying large coal auctions of current year, is not casual. the reason of such overestimate of the prices is caused by a rise in prices for coal - Sergey Krivohizhin from Alpha bank explains. Only in the second quarter in Russia power coal has risen in price for 18 %. The World prices in comparison with 2007 have grown more than twice. But the analyst notices that the site sold yesterday is not very expensive yet: it has been realised from calculation 39 rbl. For ton, whereas Uregolsky New - on 366 rbl. for ton. According to Alexey Sulinova from IK finam the good conjuncture in the coal market will remain till 2010. How much the tendency to growth of cost of coal actives is steady, it becomes clear on July, 24th when will take place auction on the Interegejsky coal-field in Tuva with balance stocks of 213,47 million tons. 11 companies apply for it, including structures New Lipetsk metkombinata, the Base element a Mechel and Incorporated industrial corporation.