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the Leader Russian it is mountain - the metallurgical company Open Society a Mechel has decided to transfer a date started of placing of preference shares since July, 23rd for August, 11th in connection with an uncertain market situation . Earlier a Mechel declared primary placing of preference shares on Frankfurt Deutsche Boerse. After placing of preference shares a Mechel plans IPO the mining actives. The company was going to place to 55 million prefov on 11,67 % from the increased authorised capital stock. The range of placing of preference shares has been established at level of $50,5 - 60,5 for one paper. Thus, a Mechel plans to involve $2,8 - 3,3 billion But placing prefov a Mechel it has appeared under the threat of July, 22nd: During filling of the book of demands it was found out that investors count on discount 15 - 30 % to ordinary actions a Mechel and the company, on the contrary, has estimated them with the award of not less than 20 %. Thus company capitalisation began to fall. To rescue placing, late at night on July, 21st the basic shareholder a Mechel Igor Zyuzin has decided to buy up in the market of a share of company. We will remind, Open Society actions a Mechel in the form of American depozitarnyh receipts (ADR) address on Nju - Jorksky stock exchange. Mister Zyuzin has informed the commissions on securities of the USA that will buy 3 % of ordinary actions a Mechel having paid them partially from own dividends. For July, 23rd these papers cost about $500 million However placing terms nevertheless should be transferred - investors have not wished to risk, as Igor Zyuzin keeps a secret the information, he intends to buy what actives on involved means as offered papers, as well as any preference shares, do not give a vote. Besides, some experts have considered that prefy a Mechel represent the tool with not too high dividendnoj profitableness. Now analysts of leading western banks with some scepticism expect on August, 11th - doubt that a Mechel can involve money without change of a price range.

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to Intourist another`s place
" is not pleasant; Intourist taking in allies Federal agency on tourism (Rosturizm), has complained en face of the leader of a Turkish direction of tourist market Tez Tour. In the advertising on the First channel Tez Tour names itself Tour operator number one that did not suit the largest on the size of a gain of Russian tour operator VAO Intourist . In Intourist and Rosturizme believe that advertising Tez Tour is unfair and doubtful that breaks law requirements About advertising . So, according to point 1 of a part of 3 articles 5, advertising which contains not representing the facts data on advantage of the advertised goods admits doubtful. Definition tour operator number one just testifies to superiority Tez Tour over other operators, the vice-president " considers; Intourist Anna Bojko, underlining that the leadership in market Tez Tour confirms with nothing. There is a fear that the advertising Tez Tour misinforms consumers, marks a press - secretary Rosturizma Vladimir Egors. The deputy chief of department of control of advertising and unfair competition FAS Tatyana Nikitin has informed that FAS has already made the decision on business excitation to signs of infringement of the advertising legislation concerning Open Company Company Tez Round . In reply to claims PR - director Tez Tour Marina Makarkova has declared: High financial indicators Intourist of work in several directions, among which hotel business, transport services, retail and operating grow out. As to the last, company leadership in the market of entrance tourism is conclusive. Successes in exit tourism where are more modest - itself Intourist positions itself as the company entering only in the five of leaders in mass directions. Among them Turkey and Egypt. Thus on one of directions the operator does not enter into the five of leaders. Therefore it is not clear, that wants Intourist . Justice? And to be called tour operator number one ? And it will be fair? we will remind, before temptation to be called number the first many companies, in particular, Petersburg builder LEK, ritejler " have not resisted; the Banana - Mum for what has already been fined FAS.

the Renaissance the Credit One of leaders the express train - crediting bank " sells debtors
; the Renaissance the Capital (works under a brand the Renaissance the Credit ) For the first time has exposed on sale to collectors unsettled debts of physical persons. we have decided them to sell, when the volume of such debts has reached the weight interesting from the point of view of purchase kollektorskimi by agencies - the head of board of bank Alexey Levchenko has declared. Credits of physical persons the debts on which exceed year will be offered participants of the market. We will remind, bank the Renaissance the Capital it is created in 2004 and works in sphere of retail crediting. The cumulative portfolio of the given out credits makes $1,9 mlrd, from which 43 % - the express train - the credits which have been given out in shops. the Renaissance the Capital along with the Russian standard and HKF - bank the express train - crediting enters into a three of leaders. To spend in August, 2008 the tender on sale of unsettled debts the bank has dispatched the notice on intention 20 kollektorskim to the companies. In the letter signed by the executive director on management by risks The Capital Renaissance Fernando Silva, it is said that to sale portfolios from 4 thousand no-purpose credits and an order of 200 thousand express train - the credits which have been given out in trading networks, for a total sum of an order of $50 million basic debt will be offered. Taking into account the added percent and penalties the total amount of realised debts makes about $100 million, that is thanks to the offer of bank the volume kollektorskogo the market increases by a quarter. Mister Levchenko has confirmed that debts offered collectors the bank already recognised as unpromising and has written off from balance during last half a year. However experts believe that the considerable volume of realised debts makes also a great risk for bank as already after the contract conclusion kollektorskie the companies not always find possibilities to pay purchase.

Again billion
Inspection of Federal tax service (FNS) has made a complaint to MTS Open Society for the sum 1,13 mlrd rbl. (About $49 million, from which $6 million - penalties and fines) following the results of check of activity of the company for 2005 - 2006. According to the director of department for public relations of MTS of Elena Kohanovsky, the basic part of claims is connected with camera vzaimoraschetami. the Company does not agree with tax claims and intends to protect the position according to the current legislation - it is told in MTS statement. Similar claims on 1,28 mlrd MTS rbl. has received and following the results of check for 2003 - 2004. These claims of MTS has successfully challenged in court: in May of this year the Federal arbitration court of the Moscow district has confirmed decisions of the courts of the first and second instance, the tax specialists who have recognised claim void. This year similar claims are shown to Vympelcom ($54 million) and the Megaphone - Moscow (about 400 million rbl.) . The reason of occurrence of similar claims - imperfection of the legislation in the field of communication, considers legal adviser TeliaSonera Anton Bogatov. It allocates many types of service under the traffic admission; tariffs for them can differ in times, and the difference between services is not always obvious, he explains. MTS of action of tax specialists essentially will not affect anyway - only in the first quarter its net profit has made $610 million

Sinterra buys up a long-distance communication
In Federal antimonopoly service the petition for purchase approval by telecommunication holding " has arrived; Sinterra 100 % of the operator of a long-distance communication Inter-regional transit by a TV set (MTT) - in equal shares at AFK System and the companies Scale the Capital Dzhefri Galmonda. The transaction is estimated in $640 - 720 million All package of group Sinterra Belongs to holding promsvjazkapital brothers Dmitry and Alexey Ananevyh. Joint-Stock Company gain Sinterra in 2007, according to preliminary data, - 12,927 mlrd rbl., net profit - 3,637 mlrd rbl. the Company Inter-regional transit by a TV set it is based in 1994, renders services long-distance and an international telecommunication. The gain in 2007 - $1,081 mlrd, EBITDA - $138 million Occupies 6,8 % of the retail market of a long-distance communication, by 2012 plans to receive a share of an order of 20 %. About interest to MTT Sinterra declared even in the autumn of last year, and in April, 2008 negotiations between it and AFK became more active. The director for development Kominfo consulting Evgenie Solomatin has noticed that Sinterra initially positioned itself as the infrastructural operator focused on a corporate segment, purchase MTT will strengthen its positions in mass sector. Gain MTT in 2007 from a segment of end users long-distance and an international telecommunication has grown in 2,2 times, to $208 million Company will not incur an essential loss even after cellular operators will construct the networks of a long-distance communication - he marks.

Inteko masters Morocco
As it became known last week, the company Inteko Elena Baturina through affiliated Kudla Group invests more 325 million in building of 2 million in sq. m of resort real estate in Morocco. Profitableness from delivery of apartments at the sea here one of the highest: 8 % a year against 6,8 % on the most visited resort of Thailand - island Phuket and 3,3 % on Malorke. According to the World council about tourism and travel, in 2008 of Morocco on entrance tourism will earn $9,43 mlrd, and the forecast for 2018 - $17,32 billion Inteko Controlling stock Kudla Group, the second souchreditel belongs to this company - the Moroccan businessman with good communications in the country leaders. According to the information of department of tourism of region Tetuan of kingdom Morocco, Kudla Group realises three recreational projects at northern coast of the country. Including a golf - resort Paradise Golf Resort in Aushtame (a site of 50 hectares, building has begun; Inteko already invested there 120 million) and a similar resort in Azle (56 hectares). The structure of complexes will include country houses and luxe-class apartments, a golf course on nine lunok, hotel five stars trading premises. The company owns one more site the area of 10 hectares in Aushtame where plans to construct a seaside resort, but already without a golf - fields. In Inteko have specified that in portfolio Kudla Group five projects in Morocco a total area more than 1,5 thousand in hectare. By estimations Inteko Investments into these projects are estimated in 500 million from which the company will enclose 65 %. About intention Inteko to be engaged in developer projects in the far abroad it became known to invest two years ago when she declared plans about $400 million in development of a hotel network in Asian - Pacific region, first of all in China. However these plans remained non-realised.

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