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To Volgograd will arrange Stalingrad

the Chinese company Foton Motors can create in the Volgograd region the enterprise for assemblage dorozhno - the building technics. Among possible variants of placing of manufacture the company considers also the Kaluga region. According to experts, chances of regions to receive the investor are equal. Thus experts notice that as a whole the success of the project will depend in many respects on, whether it will be possible Foton Motors to overcome traditional mistrust dorozhnikov to production of the Chinese mechanical engineering. The Chinese company Foton Motors considers placing possibility in territory of the Volgograd region park of road and building technics . It is supposed that Foton Motors will make in region the trucks, capable to transport cargoes from 3 to 5 t and from above 25 t, and also face-to-face loaders, asphalt spreaders, graders, etc. Such requirement of the power of region have exposed as the basic condition at manufacture placing in area territory, giving reason for that while in Russia do not let out the similar technics. Terms of realisation of the project and the sum of investments do not reveal yet. Leading expert UK finam Management Dmitry Baranov has estimated possible investments at level $400 - 500 million
the Site of the future enterprise is not defined. the greatest interest such platforms cause in the Chinese party, as shop M75 of tractor factory, areas of the item Vodstroj, and also the item of Orlovka of Gorodishchensky area - have informed in regional administration.
except the Volgograd region the Chinese investors consider a variant of opening of manufacture in the Kaluga region. According to mister Baranova while chances of the Volgograd and Kaluga areas are equal as Volgograd is convenient the companies as base for production deliveries in the countries of Transcaucasia and Central Asia, and also on Near and Middle East, and the Kaluga region it is attractive to investors the good investment climate created by administration of region.
among advantages of placing of park of building and road technics in the Volgograd region the governor has promised to present to Chineses unique a brand - Stalingrad . However, whether the given sign is registered and in what quality the Chinese company can use it, in regional administration could not specify.
Foton Motors - c a turn more $50 billion In 2007 the company has made the Chinese machine-building holding about 410 thousand units of motor-vehicles. Specialises on manufacture of lorries, road, building and agricultural machinery. The dealer network of the company covers territory of the Near East, Europe, Africa, Asia and the South America. Production is realised more than in 40 countries and regions.
According to IK finam the volume of the Russian market dorozhno - the building technics makes about $5 billion its Basic players the foreign companies which occupy 85 - 90 % of the market are. Among home producers who could adapt to these conditions and sustain a competition to foreign manufacturers, - Open Society the Peal (the Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk), Open Society the Tver Dredge (Tver), Chelyabinsk building - road cars . TvEks and Chelyabinsk building - road cars the battalion group " are a part; the Special equipment GAS. Autograders, bulldozers, road mills, asphalt spreaders are issued by the enterprises of this battalion.
the main scourge at release of any technics - absence of the service centres on service, therefore, if this moment will be solved, they can quite win a certain share of the market, to count which while difficultly - deputy chief FGUP " has noted; DEZ at Spetsstroe of Russia Nikolay Smagin. Thus, according to mister Smagina, the exit on the market of the Chinese company can negatively affect the Russian manufacturer from - for traditionally low cost prices of Chinese production.
demand on dorozhno - the building technics grows in Russia on 8 % a year, - leading expert UK " has noted; finam Management Dmitry Baranov. - However successful realisation of the project depends on, whether Chineses can provide high quality of the technics and as they will manage to overcome mistrust to the Chinese production at the Russian consumers .
About same participants of the market speak also: professionals had accurate representations about qualitative dorozhno - the building technics with which brands Liebherr, Hitachi, Caterpillar associate. If here suddenly there will be a grader Foton scepticism is inevitable - the mister marks Rams.
Svetlana Bobrova