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metalloinvest it is reserved by gas

Holding metalloinvest through the structure - Mihajlovsky GOK (Zheleznogorsk Kursk area) - has decided to get 100 % of shares of Orenburg Open Company Sladkovsko - Zarechnoe . This Open Company has the licence for working out of an oil and gas deposit in the Orenburg region. Its stocks make 1,125 mlrd cubic foots of gas and 68,4 million barrels of a condensate. Branch analysts estimate expenses for working out of Sladkovsko - Zarechnogo at a rate of $80 - 90 million, and interest to it from holding explain desire to save on industrial costs. metalloinvest yesterday has informed that has made an application en face to Russia on acquisition of 100 % of shares of Open Company Sladkovsko - Zarechnoe Sladkovsko carrying out working out - Zarechnogo of an oil and gas deposit in the Orenburg region. The information on reception of the petition from Mihajlovsky GOKa have confirmed and en face. The Mihajlovsky GOK is included into holding metalloinvest Alisher Usmanov. Till now the company did not have actives in oil and gas sector. In metalloinveste have confirmed the interest to the project,
Having specified that, according to auditor DeGolyer and MacNaughton, volume of stocks of Sladkovsko - Zarechnogo of a deposit makes 323,2 million barrels of an oil equivalent (46 million tons), including 1,125 mlrd cubic foots of gas (0,03 mlrd cubic metre) and 68,4 million barrels of a condensate (about 10 million tons). Plans of acquisition of a deposit are connected with the decision of a question of maintenance with gas of capacities of the enterprises of holding, including industrial complex the Ural steel (the Orenburg region. - ) - speak in the company. A sum of transaction in metalloinveste do not name. Now the owner of Open Company Sladkovsko - Zarechnoe the Cyprian offshore company is. Extraction on a deposit is not conducted yet.
the leading expert finama Dmitry Baranov has estimated working out of Sladkovsko - Zarechnogo in $80 - 90 million If gas it will be simple to be burnt, factory building is not necessary, but if blue fuel is planned to use as raw materials for chemical manufactures, enterprise erection nevertheless is required, - mister Baranov has explained. - on such building, I think, in addition it is required not less than $200 - 250 million .
metalloinvest Lebedinsky of GOK, Oskolsky elektrometkombinat (OEMK) in Belgorod and Mihajlovsky GOK in Kursk areas, and also " includes; the Ural steel (Orenburg region). In aggregate they let out about 6 million t steels and about 40 million t zhelezorudnogo raw materials (40 % of all Russian manufacture). A gain metalloinvesta in 2007 has made about $7 billion 50 % in the company through Gallagher Holdings Ltd belong to businessman Alisher Usmanov, 30 % - to fund of the deputy of the State Duma from the Belgorod region Andrey Skocha, 20 % - to Vasily Anisimov.
the Source familiar with a situation, has told that metalloinvest plans to use gas for supply of all basic enterprises - for decrease in costs: the Holding plans to exchange blue fuel with Gazprom . We will admit, metalloinvest has extracted on Sladkovsko - Zarechnom of 100 thousand cubic metre, it transfers their monopolies in Orenburg, and then the same 100 thousand it turns out in Kursk for Mihajlovsky GOKa. It is necessary to pay, of course, for transportation, but gas will be own . Dmitry Baranov has counted up that two GOKa and two metallurgical industrial complexes entering in metalloinvest annually consume roughly 300 - 400 million cubic metre of gas. The same information was confirmed also with sources in the company. working out of own deposit is actual for is mountain - metallurgical holding not only from - for possibilities to lower the end production cost price, but also from - for a rise in prices for gas - in 2010 - 2011 they at us should be made even with all-European, - mister Baranov has noted. - nobody disturbs metalloinvestu to sell gas with Sladkovsko - Zarechnogo to foreign consumers . Now, as have informed in finame the gas price in home market on the average makes about $100 for 1 thousand cubic metre.
judging by the published data audirovannyh stocks, the deposit concerns a category of regional level. Its extraction first of all will go for needs the Ural steel and, possibly, for gasification of the Orenburg region - Valery Nesterov from " has assumed; Three Dialogue .
At Alisher Usmanov and its partners already is Southern - the Tambejsky gas field (it is located in Jamalo - Nenets autonomous region, stocks - 1,2 trln the cubic metre, planned extraction - 20 - 25 mlrd cubic metre a year). It is one of the largest in Russia. In the end of 2006 of structure of mister Usmanov have redeemed at businessman Nikolay Bogachyov of Open Society Yamal SPG and Open Society Tambejneftegaz possessing the licence for deposit working out. The sum of transaction has made $350 - 360 million But Yamal far, and there factories metalloinvesta no. And Sladkovsko - Zarechnoe is near to the Ural steel . Here therefore it also was required to Alisher Usmanov - Dmitry Baranov has noticed.
Vsevolod Injutin,
Konstantin Chaplin, Voronezh