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the Checked up schemes here do not work
Even such boring tool in the predictability as the bank deposit which and to exist - that can, only if brings though any income, entertains for a long time already interested Russian citizens races with inflation. Banks raise rates under contributions, the Ministry of Finance very much keeps inflation within the limits of 11 %, and means the investors, reliably placed on accounts, confidently become cheaper. It is so fascinating to observe of a situation with pension accumulation of ordinary workers. The special sharpness to it is given by that is a question in general - that of a unique source of existence for the person who owing to age cannot work any more. That is schemes working in the normal countries at us do not allow to save on an old age. We have considered all possible variants for today - real money is not guaranteed by any of them.

However, at desire it can find an explanation: modern financial institutions exist less than 20 years. However it is absolutely inexplicable, why the schemes which have developed and bringing in the stable income, like that on which decades collected herbs for pharmaceutical industry do not work for a long time. Certainly, about the big earnings speech here did not go never, but today this useful occupation brings and at all ridiculous unreal money.