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The British syndrome

Romanu Spajkera and Sobakki it is More than Ben (such is primary spelling of the name) next year it is executed ten years. Actually this first loud product written on behalf of generation, the default of 1998 was the greatest shock in which life. But there are also much more serious occasions to name the novel epoch-making.

we will begin that it, perhaps, most known and untwisted product of the so-called network literature. It even has received in 2000 the prestigious award the Debut . By that moment as in 2001 the book left in a paper it was read by already such quantity of the people that the fact of occurrence of the tangible carrier seemed oddish. So the Soviet nonconformists, in reorganisation with surprise found out in sale the first ", probably, felt; vinily with albums andegraundnyh the groups, for a long time learnt by heart on magnetic films.

In - the second, language to which the novel is written, has anticipated all boom around ZHZH. The form chosen by authors, - a diary with the claim for the literature, a combination of art prose with a street slang and a free punctuation. Actually the novel it is More than Ben became the forerunner of the language revolution connected with a site udaff. com, olbanskim language and concept padonok . As a matter of fact, heroes of the novel initially positioned themselves as geeks. They wrote a word without errors, but decoding of this concept of a distance quite applicable and by today.

Not too caring of beauty of a composition and the logician of a narration, Sergey Sakin (Spajker) and Pavel Tetersky (Sobakka) for the first time have described the new subculture born already out of dictatorship of the Soviet values, existing in opposition to a consumer society which Russian version in the end of 1990 - h professional sociologists and publicists just tried to comprehend. the geek in it is More than Ben is not only romantic gedonist - the parasite with raised IQ. Sakin and Tetersky do not forget to underline original relations of heroes with morals. Behind visas they come to the British embassy, healing wounds after a trip to Ossetia and having plundered own firm. Spajker and Sobakka - types with firm is criminal - racist belief, and to hide it from the reader they do not gather. Moreover, authors hand over with giblets the main appearance similar, a place of the highest concentration of geeks, - real-life cafe Chamois in the street Pjatnitsky. In short notes about the Moscow life of Spajker and Sobakka have deduced that environment in which all subsequent groupings of militant fans, neo-fascists and anti-fascists were born. In more details Sergey Sakin pictured it in the following novel - Die, the old woman! .

all it that a sin to conceal, wildly raised office workers swallowing of head of the rather short novel directly on a workplace. Hardly having learnt burdens of capitalist life, Russian clerks have received a signal that there is a certain new underground. In the middle of 1990 ‑ h its place was occupied with the first raves with ekstazi, that is pure ptjuchevsky leaving in other reality. The culture of geeks returned the oppressed manager in more habitual co-ordinates, but gave chance to live on - to another . At least recommended to care of legality of ways of achievement of an every possible high not too. As due accepted violence. As a maximum - drew pictures of boundless prospects of export of Russian razdolbajstva in the countries choking with own tolerance and stiffness. For example, to Great Britain.

all second half 1990 - h the Russian inhabitant received an image of London from Ohms and Ptjucha . London in them was the never-ending rave coupled to a defile of heroin models and unceasing sodomiej. London at Spajkera and Sobakki - new, it a source of improbable possibilities for kidalova, a huge milk cow who is simply created that artful Russian polzovali it for all hundred percent. Moreover, heroes " consider; More Ben Britain is substituted itself, beginning from interview in embassy where solving argument in favour of issue of visa is love to The Beatles and finishing subtleties of registration of bank accounts and acquisitions of mobile phones. It is necessary to be last sucker not to select at Englishmen pounds from which their country and without that here - here will burst. Here it is necessary to understand that the book has appeared still before Britain has harboured Boris Berezovsky before Roman Abramovich has bought Chelsea and in hotel the Millennium have poisoned Litvinenko. Nonprofessional writers and small adventurers Sakin and Tetersky at first during London anabazisa have scented something in air, and then could state it something on a paper in such a manner that their book seems now the inspired preface to Russian invasion to London, to that boundless love - hatred of two countries under the badge of which the first decade of a new century comes to an end.

Film Sjuzi Hejlvud Bigga Than Ben disperses from the book of Sakina and Tetersky at once on several positions. In - the first, heroes of a film will run to England with quite definite purposes. One wants to earn money for promotion of the group, another - on wedding. In the book the outcome of Russians has more existential character, that is they bring down, more likely, obeying hunting to change of places and an instinct passionariev. About the Russian life of heroes in a tape of detailed conversation is not present, as is not present, of course, in a film and any Chamoises . In - the second, London in a film has all signs of day today`s, especially is evident the Cucumber - tower Swiss Re of Normana Fostera constructed on a five-years period after adventures of Spajkera and Sobakki. Swindles by today are not adapted, on the contrary - having received desired credit cards, Sobakka there and then learns that in the near future for access to accounts it is required pin - a code, and all its frauds the failure waits.

Bigga Than Ben - the first full metre inhabitants of London Hejlvud. Object of research which it interested, - not recipes rather fair otema money, and life of a megacity and life in a megacity. Characters with a full palette of the skin colours, considering radical Londoners and true Englishmen unlike come in large numbers Spajkera and Sobakki, - one of the main things udach debutants. Other good luck - history about the broken up friendship - a line which in the book is not present but which is written out convincingly enough. The third - ironical remarks of heroes in an objective, ridiculous animated schemes of swindles, in general, safe counters indi - comedies. The fourth - a strong soundtrack in which the song " is added; Mummies of the Troll Contraband . The fifth - a casting. Sobakku Ben Barns plays. Literally from a set Bigga Than Ben he has stepped in embraces of Hollywood - has received a role of prince Kaspiana in Chronicles of Narnii . Spajker in a film - Andrey Chadov. Mister Sakin admitted that the sensation was horrible - as though I face a mirror .

Boris Barabanov