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The coast Turkish

For Russian aristocrats XVIII is not necessary to us and XIX centuries norm of life was to leave some times in a year on waters - to recover from migraines, melancholy and other sincere indispositions. Treatment on the best resorts (and it was not frequent in it necessity) served as a beautiful background for foreign amusements of high society and an occasion to courtship of offsprings of surnames of noble family. As the main European resort of secular lions of the Russian empire German Baden - Baden always was considered. Local resort seasons decorated the presence of a family of Volkonskys, Trubetsky, Vjazemsky and representatives of Russian art elite. It is necessary to consider however that own infrastructure meditsinsko - resort establishments at that time simply was not. What do we have now? Aristocrats it was not lowered - opposite, everyone strives to declare about own zvezdnosti, but need has absolutely disappeared to go and fly at the other end of the world, as the basic line of all without an exception of representatives of life of a class a premium - time acute shortage.

to take, for example, a resort Uvildy - the modern versatile improving centre located on the bank of most beautiful of lakes of the Chelyabinsk area, Ural bajkala - lakes Uvildy (it is translated with Bashkir as the Blue bowl ) . Times, when a word " for a long time have sunk into oblivion; sanatorium caused steady association with pensioners and insipid cream of wheat, now it is the present clinics of beauty and the health, the medicine equipped by the latest word, and others, perhaps, can quite envy residing conditions chetyrehzvezdniki . With 30 ‑ h years of the last century here there was a known sanatorium to all Soviet Union using a unique climate and natural possibilities jugo - east coast of lake and turned out highly effective medical methods and technologies in improvement of the Soviet workers - honours pupils of manufacture. The present riches are the natural highly active radon waters possessing anaesthetising, desensibilizirujushchim, anti-inflammatory action. A local sapropelic dirt became other property of a resort. Thanks to a unique combination of organic substances, mineral salts and the microcells entering into their structure, a local sapropelic dirt concerns the category seldom meeting. Here there is an equipped gym - not nevertheless in a bath to roll really, the sun deck - for those it is not enough to whom to be roasted under beams of not too merciful Ural sun, a sauna, pool, a winter garden. There is also a Russian bath with pool open-air, temperature in which all year long +28 With - it is necessary to imagine a marvellous picture of the brave divers surrounded prodrogshimi with snow-covered fur-trees - sosenkami.

Another a counter - branch endoekologicheskoj resort rehabilitations, the only thing, by the way, in Uralo - Siberian region where the unique complex technique endoekologicheskoj rehabilitations on professor Levin is applied. Scientists of all countries amicably puzzle over a problem of taming of time, and here it is possible to turn back premature withering of an organism and to get rid of indispositions which name illnesses of a civilisation . It is logical that treatment assumes exclusively homoeopathic methods.

the turn has come to reach beauty - the Medical Complex of Health and Beauty the Molding the Center - leading division of the Center Uvildy in which render a full spectrum of cosmetology services. the fad the centre is unique bezoperatsionnaja technology of a rejuvenation of a face skin the Molding of Mask . Its essence makes sequence of drawing of masks of the special preparations which are carrying out a deep peeling of a skin. Promise that for any ten days of procedures it is necessary to say goodbye for ever to the old skin with its wrinkles, birthmarks, stains and scars and in the magic image to come back on fifteen years ago. In general - that all over the world only two clinics having the right and possessing experts for application the Molding of Mask and to Russia and the CIS - accordingly, one, about which and speech. In general - that, a superfluous occasion to reflect on possibility to avoid a scalpel and braces as all way, say, from Ekaterinburg, occupies all a pair of clocks in the car.

Alisa Ljubimova