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In business kopejskoj colonies there was one more prisoner

In investigation of criminal case upon destruction of four prisoners in a corrective colony of Kopeisk (the Chelyabinsk area) there was a new accused. The central regional court of Chelyabinsk has arrested the chief of an operational administration of regional government FSIN Andrey Shilina to whom it is incriminated attempt to forge documents and to prevent a course of investigation . Legal experts specify in uniqueness of a situation - fault can incur not only direct executors, but also their heads. As has told a press - the secretary of the Central regional court of Chelyabinsk Julia Karpinsky, the petition for arrest of mister Shilina has arrived on Wednesday evening then the decision to select a preventive punishment imprisonment has been passed. it was the ninth suspect who is passing on the case of disorders in kopejskoj colonies - the madam Karpinsky has specified. To inform under what articles of the criminal code of Russian Federation to it accusation it has been brought has refused, having referred that is not authorised to give the similar information is a prerogative of a consequence. In investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on the Chelyabinsk area yesterday to receive the comment it was not possible: all phones of department including a reception, yesterday did not answer. Meanwhile, under data , it is a question of excess of powers. Andrey Shilin tried to forge the documents concerning this business and by that to deceive a consequence - has told a source familiar with a course of investigation. The chief a press - services GUFSIN on the Chelyabinsk area Valentine Gurenkov has confirmed yesterday that under arrest the chief of an operational administration of department major Andrey Shilin is taken, but detailed comments has refused. we do not make comments on a course of investigation to avoid reproaches in its discredit - it has explained. As he said, now all nine suspects are in FSB pre-trial detention centre, it have employed lawyers. In an informal conversation employees GUFSIN pass an opinion surprise of detention of Andrey Shilina. Not clearly, what for to arrest the person who did not accept direct participation in beating of convicts. Yes, he as the chief tried to protect the subordinates, but its actions not absolutely fall under such serious preventive punishment as arrest - it was quite possible to be limited to a subscription about nevyezde - they speak.

we will remind, incident in kopejskoj colonies has occurred on May, 31st this year then at attempt to attack escorts have been beaten four prisoners who have recently arrived to a colony: Sergey Poljaev, Anatoly Ajvased and Vyacheslav Sahabaev and Evgenie Mamukov. As confirmed in GUFSIN, prisoners have attacked security guards when those deduced on walk. An hour later after beating all four cellmates have died. Then criminal case on item 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (Excess of powers) and item 111 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (Causing of heavy harm to the health, entailed death of the victim) has been brought. In the beginning of July eight escorts of a colony who directly participated in suppression of disorders, have been arrested.

the legal experts who are watching a course of investigation of this business, consider that the consequence has gone not under the habitual scheme when guilty there were only direct executors. I am glad that the chief of an operational administration is arrested. It means that fault the employees of a colony executing the order, but also people will incur not simply, these orders giving. Now this arrest, certainly, plays an important role as above - and subordinate chiefs will understand that punishment for similar behaviour all the same will follow - the representative of the all-Russian public organisation " is assured; For human rights Alexey Sokolov. And the representative under human rights of Sverdlovsk area Tatyana Merzljakova adds that guilty is not only in a management of regional service of execution of punishments. I consider that people, including in the Moscow management which encourage system etapirovanija are guilty in happened. It is illegal, the prisoner should serve time in the place of residence. You look, at us the lion`s share of complaints from relatives of prisoners with the requirement to return the person in native region - madam Merzljakova declares. In its opinion, against the transfer the lost prisoners also objected.

Sergey Antonov