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Hugo Chavez, the president of Bolivariansky Republic of Venezuela
// the HERO of Russia

past week president Hugo Chavez has again visited Moscow. Its visit became the first after power transition in Russia from Vladimir Putin to Dmitry Medvedev. Against relations promptly losing warmth between Russia and India (p. 32 more in detail see) relations of Russia and Venezuela continue to get stronger. Hugo Chavez has shown that in Europe there are only two states as which he considers brotherly, - Russia and Belarus (where it has gone after end of visit to Moscow). Russia Hugo Chavez trusts so, what even has allowed the Russian oil companies to take part in work of the Venezuelan petroleum industry. This permission of the expensive costs, after all still more recently president Chavez has actually expelled the majority of the foreign oil companies and after that to its example the mode in Bolivia has followed also friendly to him from the country. Opening of the Latin American market for the Russian oil companies already sufficient occasion that Chavez`s name has appeared in this heading. Additional occasions - purchase of the Russian weapon and, at last, demonstration of special relations of Chavez from premieres - the minister and the leader of party in power Putin who at a meeting with the Venezuelan president has declared that will always find time for visit to Venezuela.