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Shots stir all
// SO HAS coincided

On Wednesday Dmitry Medvedev has held meeting on formation of a reserve of administrative shots. For the first time recognising that the country leaders each time puzzles how to find suitable shots for replacement of the higher posts in subjects of the Russian Federation he has suggested to create a high-grade reserve of administrative shots in national scale . The uniform database, and " will be for this purpose developed; the most perspective professionals will enter in a presidential quota decisions on which will be personally accepted by the head of the state.

so has coincided that this very day in Nizhni Novgorod the first public reception of the chairman of the party " has opened; an United Russia Vladimir Putin. According to United Russia party members, receptions of the prime minister which by September should appear in all regions of Russia, are called To provide possibility of its direct dialogue with the population, passing bureaucratic obstacles .

to find out direct communication between these events, it is enough to remember that the project the Personnel reserve in general - that is the invention an United Russia and direct dialogue with the population before was a prerogative of the president who has spent straight lines and the Internet - conferences. However Medvedev at meeting has never mentioned party, and United Russia party members have absolutely forgotten about pre-election pledge to open Medvedev`s receptions in regions. It turns out that the president and the prime minister, in words continuing to swear mutual fidelity, in practice use any possibility to pinch off each other a few powers.