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“ Dalavia “ Open Societies " have refused a departure

Yesterday; the Khabarovsk airport “ has informed that land service (fuelling) of airlines - debtors intends to stop since August, 1st. Among them one of the largest regional carriers of Open Society “ Dalavia “ which sum of debts has exceeded 58 million rbl. Yesterday the general director “ Dalavia “ Valery Chichilimov has reported at the governmental meeting on the governor of Khabarovsk territory Victor Ishayev on a difficult financial condition of Open Society, from - for which “ Dalavia “ can refuse social flights. Open Society “ the Khabarovsk airport “ yesterday has informed that intend to stop land service of airlines at which the debts were generated since August, 1st. As they say in the airport message, for July, 23rd the cumulative debts of several airlines have made more than 103 million rbl. In particular, debts “ Domodedovsky airlines “ makes an order of 6,9 million rbl., airline “ Siberia “ - 6,44 million rbl., the State Customs Committee “ Russia “ - 4,04 million rbl., “ WIM - Avia “ - 4,98 million rbl., airline “ the East “ - 5,97 million rbl. “ the Champion “ among the companies - debtors the airline " is; Dalavia “ whose debts have reached 58,67 million rbl.

As the general director of Open Society " has explained yesterday „“; the Khabarovsk airport “ Alexey Vlasov, the sums of debts develop basically of the delayed payment for fuel, and also for services in refuelling of planes.

Open Society “ the Khabarovsk airport “ it has been created in February, 2005. 100 % of actions belong to Joint-Stock Company “ the Alliance - Prom “ (enters into group “ the Alliance “) . In Open Society property there is the cargo terminal, operating air terminal and old closed, and also toplivno - a refuelling complex. In Open Society park “ Dalavia “ (100 % belong to the state) three ten planes, including They are 214, They are 154, Silt - 62, An - 24 and An - 26. On balance of airline - take-off - landing strips of the Khabarovsk airport, car repair shop of courts, the aeronavigation equipment, and also the international terminal (it is used and for internal airlines) with throughput of 2 thousand persons at an o`clock.

mister Vlasov has underlined that the management of airlines - debtors does not accept measures on reduction of debts, despite daily notices in writing of Open Society. A top - the manager has noticed that ekaterinburg - sky the airport “ Koltsovo “ since yesterday also planned to stop land service run into debt “ WIM - Avia “ and “ Domodedovsky airlines “. “ In my understanding it is simple impudence of management of airlines. Now, during the period from May till September, so-called high seasonal prevalence when there is a maximum profitableness from transportations “ - mister Vlasov has expressed.

However, in federal airlines have informed that plan to extinguish debts till August, 1st. Business with a debt " more difficult is; Dalavia “. The general director of a carrier Valery Chichilimov yesterday, acting at the expanded session of the government of Khabarovsk territory, has declared that in the first half of the year 2008 an airline financial position “ has sharply worsened “. As he said, “ Dalavia “ the competitors maintaining more economic planes of foreign manufacture force out from the most profitable direction Khabarovsk-Moscow. The most significant factors of deterioration of a financial position of the company mister Chichilimov named increase in the prices at aviation fuel. “ airline expenses in the first half of the year have grown on 369 million rbl. that on 40,3 % above, than for the similar period of last year, - it has explained. - relative density of such expenses in the general expenses has grown from 35 % to 42 %. By results of the first half of the year losses have made 621 million rbl. “ - has informed a top - the manager, having added that without support of authorities the airline will be compelled to reduce a network of regional routes which bring most substantial damages. “ we always encouraged “Dalavia“ and resursno, - governor Victor Ishayev has answered it. - but if you reduce any socially significant flights, we will worry without you. And if we to you turn not that that a back, and at least sideways you it is simple - naprosto will die, will disappear as a class “.

to Learn, how gathers “ Dalavia “ to pay off with “ the Khabarovsk airport “ yesterday it was not possible: being at session of the government mister Chichilimov was inaccessible to the comment.

Alexey Vlasov has noticed that sounded by the general director “ Dalavia “ Valery Chichilimovym results of activity of the company from the beginning of year “ have guarded him “: “ it is necessary For us to receive as soon as possible money that these debts did not hang on “Dalavia“. If this half-year they have finished at a loss prospects at them can be sad “.

Meanwhile the chief of department railway, air and a sailing charter of the ministry of the industry, transport and communication of Khabarovsk territory Yury Sinjakov has assured yesterday „“ that “ nobody will stop service of planes “. He has added: “ All know that grow fuel in the price, inflation. But all enterprises steadily work. If „the Khabarovsk airport“ ceases to carry out service, it will cut under itself(himself) a bough. There are debts - it is necessary to work with clients, to beat out money “. He also has noticed that it is not necessary to extend a panic among the population as many have bought for August tickets on “ Dalavia “.

Marina Kravchenko, Dmitry ShCherbakov