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Islam have separated from terrorism

Yesterday in capital of Tatarstan the second session of Group of strategic vision " has taken place; Russia - the Islamic world which participants have discussed mezhtsivilizatsionnyj the conflict of the western and Islamic world. As an occasion to conversation has served recent livano - the Israeli war. Representatives of the Islamic states have condemned a policy of the West whom they named neocolonial, and the Russian politicians have emphasised necessities of dialogue between faiths. In the end of session they have accepted the Kazan declaration condemning Islamophobia, have called the international organisations to become more effective in the decision of essential world problems also have underlined a press main role in formation of image of Islam. Group strategic vi - denija Russia - the Islamic world - An advisory body formed for expansion of cooperation between Russia and the Islamic countries in all areas, - has gathered at session in Kazan in 5 months after the creation. It has spent the first session in Moscow in March, 2006. Then the initiative of creation has been put forward under the aegis of the United Nations of Council of the civilisations, called to consider interests of all states and not to admit collisions on religious and interethnic soil. Now conversation has proceeded in Kazan ra - a touch where behind a round table there were representatives of 15 countries of the East and the Russian politicians. Though during discussion visitors expressed sharply enough, in the documents of rigid statements accepted at a forum are not present. In them it is only said that recent war of Israel in Lebanon with all presentation has shown danger of occurrence in the Near East full-scale military operations and world split on tsivilizatsionnomu to a sign and The further succession of events under such scenario if active steps are not undertaken from the international community, can accept irreversible character and create real threat for the future mankind . In the Kazan declaration also it is told that Islamophobia will bring to nobody dividends and only will aggravate a situation . We confirm the adherence to noble ideas of the world, humanism and tolerance - participants of session have declared.
however the statements sounding in the Kazan town hall, but not got on a paper, were more expressional. Behind a round table charges to the western civilisation which, according to representatives of the Islamic countries, adheres to a policy of double standards, neo-colonialism and the military decision of conflicts sounded.
the most tolerant, on - favour, there was a performance of the president of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaymiev which, having declared that Liberal values cannot be exported, as the car has there and then added that the modern world needs new system of values which cannot be neither purely liberal, nor traditionally Islamic . According to mister Shaymiev, backwardness of many Islamic countries from the West is a result of superficial interpretation of the Koran . It also has expressed hope that Tatarstan which is se - a true advanced post of Islam and simultaneously is in Europe, will promote closer dialogue between the Islamic world and the western civilisation.
to a theme of adequate perusal of the Koran participants of meeting did not come back any more. All performance were the prime minister - the minister of Algeria has more mentioned Belaida Abdesseljama who has declared that sometimes the people with despair take steps, which are perceived as terrorism . Mister Abdesseljam has regarded acts of terrorism in the USA on September, 11th, 2001 as Link of the huge operation directed against Moslems .
the President Trading - industrial chamber of Russia and known orientalist Evgenie Primakov named the objective fact that circumstance that acts of terrorism are made often by those who rjaditsja in Islamic clothes . However thus has sharply condemned an appeal of US president George Bush to begin struggle with Islamic fascism which he named the nonexistent phenomenon. So, between Israel and Palestin Evgenie Primakov has estimated the conflict as collision not two religions, and two natsionalizmov also has not seen Islamic threat in refusal of Iran to stop to enrich uranium. Speaking about recent attempt of terrorists to blow up planes over Atlantic, mister Primakov has told that it wanted to make morons, criminals who have no relation to Islam . the Worst method of struggle is to explain terrorism religion, - he has declared. - Thanks to those who considers itself as democracy conductors in the world, we have crisis mezhtsivilizatsionnogo dialogue .
Mister Primakov the chairman of the council of muftis of Russia has supported Ravil Gajnutdin. speak about opposition of civilisations much, but actually such opposition is not present, - he has told. - Islam resists mo - ralno - to moral decomposition of the person, alcoholism and dissoluteness of a free world . It has explained that it is a question of spiritual opposition, because truly believing person never will follow a crime way .
As a result east visitors who have emphasised claims to the West, and representatives of the Russian side, with bolshej hunting arguing about mezhkonfessionalnom cooperation, have charged to solve problems of the world to a press. consider important to inform world community on principles and values of Islam, including youth, and underlining a press main role - they in Ka - zanskoj have declared declarations.