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To Moscow through Tatarstan

As it became known , in October, 2006 airline Tatarstan will begin regular transportations on a route Nizhni Novgorod - Moscow. Flights Tatarstan become the first Nizhniy Novgorod flights the airport " becomes which terminal point; the Sheremetyevo . The general director Tatarstan Magomed Zakarzhaev does not exclude that its airline can become base in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Analysts notice that without support of the regional authorities airline expansion Tatarstan on the Nizhniy Novgorod market will not be effective as the big financial expenses from - for a high competition with railway and motor transport will demand enough. According to the general director of Open Society Tatarstan Magomeda Zakarzhaeva, the airline will carry out daily flights to Moscow by two-class planes They be 134 (68 seats) and the Yak - 42 (100 places). The beginning of flights is planned for October, 16th, 2006. Mister Zakarzhaev has noticed that now Tatarstan waits for acknowledgement of time intervals from Sheremetev . The Moscow airport can give it next week. The airport Nizhni Novgorod has already allocated airlines corresponding sloty.
the Terminal point of transportations becomes capital the Sheremetyevo (now terminal points of flights of high-capacity planes from Bottom to Moscow are Domodedovo and Vnukovo ) The base airport of an air carrier Aeroflot with which at Tatarstan the agreement on transportation of transients to Moscow is entered into. Now Tatarstan carries out flights to Sheremetev only from Kazan, and Bottom becomes the second city, whence the airline intends to transport passengers in this capital airport. The head of airline Tatarstan has explained that the Nizhniy Novgorod region - the large region nearest to Kazan where there is no base airline.
we would like to become base airline in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. If it occurs, we will incur responsibility for development of this aeroknot before the authorities. We, in particular, have offers on development here small aircraft. In the answer we wait for any tax preferences - has concluded Magomed Zakarzhaev. It has expressed hope that the cooperation agreement between Tatarstan And by the government of the Nizhniy Novgorod region it will be already signed in the near future. In case of signing of the document the air carrier will open in the Bottom branch.
according to the commercial director of Open Society the International airport Nizhni Novgorod Victor Parhomenko, now flights on a route Nizhni Novgorod - Moscow carry out airlines UTair (twice a day, planes They are 134 and An - 24), S7 Airlines (twice a day, rented at Tatarstan They be 134 and own Boeing 737 - 500), Volga - Dnepr (once a day, the Yak - 40) and Avia Menedzhment Grup (once a day, 101). Under the different data, in 2005 on a direction Nizhni Novgorod - Moscow it has been transported from 100 to 120 thousand passengers, and in 2006 this indicator can increase on 10 - 20 %.
Analysts say that a direction Nizhni Novgorod - Moscow difficult enough for occurrence of new air carriers from - for a competition to land types of transport - the railway and motor transport. So, a press - secretary S7 Airlines Ilya Novohatsky believes that with one daily flight Tatarstan can to take a maximum of 15 % of the market, or about 18 thousand passengers. By data , in a year it can make about $2 million 700 thousand Branch experts notice that without support from political forces airline expansion Tatarstan on this market will not be effective as the big financial expenses will demand enough. most likely, the given air carrier plans an input in new region, being based on already reached agreements between the governments of Tatarstan and the Nizhniy Novgorod region - one of interlocutors , familiar with a situation explains. According to the head of analytical service of agency Aviaport Oleg Panteleeva, cooperation with Aeroflot also is additional competitive advantage Tatarstan in comparison with other participants of this market, as Tatarstan does the basic rate on transients Aeroflot : Possibly, further to transients Aeroflot Tatarstan can offer so-called through tariffs, which much less than total cost of flight in two directions .