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The mayor of Ulyanovsk has spent a correction of mistakes

the Mayor of Ulyanovsk Sergey Ermakov has cancelled decisions about allocation in rent of the ground areas to Saransk Open Company Info - the Press under installation of news-stands. As already informed , till the end of the year Open Company intended to open in Ulyanovsk about 50 points trading in printed matter, having invested in building of a network of an order 10 - 12 million rbl. Thus, according to local distributors, the mayoralty has rapidly given out to the Saransk company the ground areas which reception to other participants of the market earlier it has been refused. In goradministratsii do not explain the reason of sudden rupture of relations from Open Company Info - the Press however, under the information , about 20 news-stands of the Saransk company till now are not dismantled and continue trade. As it became known , the mayor of Ulyanovsk Sergey Ermakov has ordered to committee on management of ground resources of a city administration to terminate lease contracts of the ground areas with the Saransk company of Open Company Info - the Press . In the mayoralty have explained that mister Ermakov has cancelled the decisions signed in October, 2005, about transfer to Saransk Open Company to rent of the ground areas in Railway, Leninsk, Zasvijazhsky and Zavolzhsky areas of Ulyanovsk. As already informed , Info - the Press has begun expansion on the Ulyanovsk market of distribution of printed matter in the end of the last year. For today, under the information , at Open Company it is established about 20 booths in several disctricts of the city which do business newspapers, magazines and a stationery.
in the Ulyanovsk market of distribution of periodicals works six large players selling 85 % of retail circulations of newspapers and magazines: Open Company The Simbirsk press (were Rospechat ) - about 90 booths, from shares of sales of 25 %; the wholesale company the Mosaic - prikassovye racks in 120 self-service shops, 22 % of sales; the trading house the Mosaic - about 30 booths, 14 % of sales; Mail of Russia - 55 post offices, 10 % of sales; Ulyanovsk - the Press (a network AiF ) - About 30 booths, 9 % of sales; the Ulyanovsk House of the Press - 14 booths, 5 % of sales.
Yesterday the deputy director of Open Company Info - the Press Elena Sharina has refused to comment on a situation why the mayoralty after ten months has made the decision to terminate lease contracts from Open Company. Madam Sharina also has refused to inform, what losses can incur Info - the Press in connection with possible curling of the trading network in Ulyanovsk. We will remind, before the deputy director informed that Open Company intends to establish in Ulyanovsk about 50 booths and to open an order of 10 shops in shops. In case of success Info - the Press could become the second-large participant of the market after the Simbirsk press having network from 90 booths. By estimations of participants of the market of distribution of printed matter, an expense for network opening Info - the Press Taking into account purchase of printed matter and kantstovarov, can make from 10 million to 12,1 million rbl.
In the mayoralty the reason of rupture of relations from Open Company Info - the Press explain also could not, and in committee on management of ground resources of a city administration have declared that did not penetrate into details, and have simply executed the decision of the mayor . It is remarkable that in committee on land management gordumy have declared that earlier the mayoralty terminated the concluded lease contracts of the earth only under the instruction of Office of Public Prosecutor.
in Office of Public Prosecutor of Lenin area of Ulyanovsk have informed that now there is a check under the complaint of the deputy of regional Legislative Assembly Rasiha Gataullina in which it is told about ostensibly illegal allocation by the mayoralty of the ground areas of Open Company Info - the Press . the Saransk company in the shortest terms has received the earth there where to local businessmen earlier it has been refused - mister Gataullin declares.
According to the director of one of the Ulyanovsk networks, wished to remain the unknown person, the mayoralty not only has ceased to allocate new sites under booths, but also refused to prolong lease contracts of the earth already operating many years. the Ulyanovsk businessmen cannot receive documents even after performance of all requirements on an accomplishment of adjoining territory - the interlocutor is perplexed.
According to regional experts, decisions on earth allocation, most likely, were accepted behind the back of Sergey Ermakova. Now the mayor, without wishing to bear responsibility for actions of the subordinates, cancels decisions - experts agree in opinion.
nevertheless, despite cancellation of contracts, booths Info - the Press till now are not dismantled. probably, the Saransk company yet does not lose hope repeatedly to agree with local authorities - the interlocutor in large publishing holding has not excluded.