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the State Office of Public Prosecutor has submitted the appeal to Moscow City Court presidium on a sentence to my client as considers its too soft - has declared yesterday Alexey Pitchugin Xenia Kostromina`s lawyer. As she said, claims to sentences to other figurants on business at the State Office of Public Prosecutor are not present. On August, 17th the Moscow City Court has sentenced mister Pitchugin accused of the organisation of murders, to 24 years of imprisonment in a high security colony. Other defendants have received from 7,5 till 19 years.

Ukraine does not give out Russia the Chechen Sultan
Yesterday in Ukraine have detained Chechen authoritative businessman Sultanbeka Ajdamirova (Sultan). Law enforcement bodies of Russia search for it on suspicion in the organisation in last year abductions were zamrukovoditelja FGUP the Trading house ` Kremlin ` and nowadays the vice-president of National association of a professional golf of Russia Igor Lantsova. The businessman had to pay to thieves for the clearing $1,5 million the Sultan For the first time put on the wanted list have detained in the end of July in the Odessa area. However the Pechersky court of Kiev in which lawyers of the Sultan have addressed, has refused to Russia its extradition: protection has produced to court of that evidence that the Sultan is the citizen of Ukraine, and under the constitution of this country it does not give out the citizens. Besides, the court has passed the decision on clearing of the Sultan. However authority has stayed on freedom of all couple of days - yesterday he was again detained by the Odessa militiamen. In UBOP the Municipal Departments of Internal Affairs of Moscow have informed that, despite a judgement, Ajdamirov remains in the international search, and it means that in case of departure from Ukraine in any other country he will be detained also law enforcement bodies of Russia its delivery will demand.

Pavel of Popovsky apologies has not waited
Military board of the Supreme court has released the State Office of Public Prosecutor from apologies before eks - the chief of investigation VDV colonel Pavel Popovsky, twice recognised innocent in the organisation of murder of journalist Dmitry Holodova. The court also has reduced the sum of monetary indemnification which will be received by Pavel Popovsky for illegal arrest and the four-year maintenance in a pre-trial detention centre. To it should pay to 2,5 million roubles - on 320 thousand roubles less, than has awarded in May of this year the Moscow district military court. As Pavel Popovsky Igor Jartyh`s lawyer has explained, yesterday the court order of this decision has arrived in the Ministry of Finance which in ten-day term is obliged to pay money. And though the decision of board the lawyer remained is dissatisfied, it will not protest it, Pavel Jakovlevich is exhausted by litigations - the defender has explained.