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the Moon is in a sign on the Sagittarius, at this time in an organism the liver and area of hips are most vulnerable. In the morning from - for Uranium influences also there is a danger of traumas. But as a whole day concerning health at the average level.
in the first autumn day the Sun will incorporate to Merkuriem in this connection reception of the important business information is possible. Some indicators in the markets and stock exchanges which fluctuate on three - four times a year are capable to change. But now under the influence of aspects of distant planets larger changes are possible also.

in the morning the Moon in the conflict to Uranium that forces to be more attentive at operation of technics, especially aviation, electric and electronic. Otherwise incidents are quite possible. Breakdown susceptibility on roads and in a life too is raised in first half of day.

but there are also positive aspects. Venus harmoniously co-operates with Plutonom that does this day favorable for love, sexual relations, employment by active kinds of creativity, art and sports. The moon in second half of day harmoniously aspektiruet the Neptune and Saturn, it is favorable for work.

in particular, monetary affairs and purchases today it is possible and it is necessary to be engaged. Is better - from 12 o`clock till 21 o`clock Moscow time.

trips also will pass more safely after a dinner. It is possible to go even to far-away countries, but taking into account that in September there will be many intense aspects, including eclipses. Intense situations this month are possible in the west of Europe - in Great Britain, France, Spain and Portugal, in many countries of Africa, in Iran, India, Mexico, in Central America, and also on Kamchatka and Fidji.

Arieses realise the possibilities in the international business and travel. Day approaches for study and work. The pleasant moments will be and in love.

Tauruses can be engaged in an aesthetics and design. Second half of day is favorable for large financial operations and dialogue with close people.

twins can get acquainted with pleasant people, including on trips. It concerns business, informative sphere, and also private life.

cancers in the beginning of day should be more careful with technics. Mental work, building, dialogue with water in the evening will well go.

lions will receive the new information. Day is perspective in love. Will pay attention and to children. It is possible to go in for sports and tourism.

maidens need to change something in house life and family relations. Day approaches for creative activity.

scales will become successful in financial sphere. Successful day for friendship and love, trips, various hobbies.

Scorpions will be a success in love and in the employment connected with money and with an aesthetics. Purchases are possible. Your popularity will increase.

Sagittariuses can extend the important information. Day approaches for trips and the international dialogue.

Capricorns realise the and joint financial plans. It is possible to be engaged in credits and insurance. Successful time for personal, intimate life.

Aquarius will find pleasant partners, friends, colleagues. Personal and business ties are capable to pass one in another.

fishes harmonise mutual relations on work. Reception of the useful business information is possible.

on September, 2nd Saturday
For health day average. Traumas and the dangers connected with influence of Mars are possible. Be protected various infections. The liver, and in the evening - oporno - the impellent device in the morning is vulnerable.

This day not so effective. In the morning the Moon does three aspects - connection with Plutonom, harmonious with Venus and strained with Mars. The harmonious period will come to the end in 9. 30 Moscow time, time of conflicts then will come. And after 11. 48 across Moscow the Moon will move without a course to 18. 36. That is the considerable part of day is absolutely not effective for any affairs.

it is possible to devote morning to an aesthetics, creation of beauty round itself. And also to love and sexual relations. It is possible to make necessary purchases also.

for trips day difficult enough. There can be a set of problems - with tickets, visas, and also breakdown susceptibility on roads will increase. Also observe measures of fire safety.

the middle of day should be used for quiet rest or daily domesticities. Anything it is not necessary to start more serious.

Evening difficult for trips and dialogue with technics from - for tomorrow`s oppositions of Uranium with Merkuriem. But it is harmonious for private life and family relations thanks to inclusion of tomorrow`s harmonious aspect of the Moon and the Sun. Since 19 hours across Moscow it is already possible to be engaged more in important issues, to hold meetings and acquaintances.

the harmonious period for private life will last all night long and tomorrow. Besides, it is possible to have a rest on the nature or to be engaged in agricultural works, gathering of wood and garden gifts, work with indoor plants.

Arieses can appear in a conflict situation with the instructor or the representative of the law. And here avoiding conflicts, you can achieve the purposes.

Tauruses have good possibilities in love and in monetary affairs in the morning. The late evening is successful for trips and informative activity.

Twins should adhere to reliable schemes and the checked up partners, avoiding different adventures and unexpectedness.

cancers in the beginning of day can successfully be engaged in an aesthetics, however it is necessary to avoid contact to fire and dangerous subjects. Evening is good in home life.

lions can devote morning to entertainments, sports, family dialogue. Late at night to all to it also work will normally go.

to maidens the beginning of day is better to spend houses, in a family, but thus without provoking conflicts. The evening approaches for active employment, sports, an aesthetics, love.

scales can execute a short trip in the morning, make purchases, be engaged in an aesthetics. Evening is better to devote to home life.

scorpions since morning can appear in the conflict concerning money or distinction of outlooks on life. But efforts will help to earn. Evening approaches for trips.

Sagittariuses can be engaged in an aesthetics, travel, shop. But you need to avoid power decisions.

Capricorns should be attentive by the secret, latent moments in life, mutual relations. The evening is harmonious for dialogue.

Aquarius needs to support friends, a family and collective the participation in common causes. For trips and commerce day difficult.

fishes should avoid confrontation, leave from provocations of enemies and competitors. Evening approaches for dialogue with friends and partners.