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The Minister of Defence builds europrisons

Infringement of an order of subordination and authorised rules of mutual relations between military men.
autocratic ostavlenie parts or service places.

absence in time without valid excuse on service at dismissal from a part, at appointment, transfer, business trips and holiday.

absence of the military man - the contract employee without valid excuse more than four hours.

evasion from discharge of duties of military service.

infringement of rules of execution of fighting watch, guard, internal, patrol and a frontier service and service on public order protection.

plunder, deliberate destruction or damage, damage of military property.

infringement of rules of weapon handling, ammunition and military technology.

infringement of rules of driving or the transport operation, entailed harm to health of the person or damage of military property.

Discharge of duties of the military man in a condition of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication.

public order infringement during off-duty time.