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The pension fund is dissatisfied konvertnymi with salaries

According to given Rosstata published yesterday, the relation of average pensions to average salaries in Russia in July, 2006 has fallen to 24,3 % - for one and a half year the indicator has decreased on one and a half percentage point. Judging by the budget of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation (PF) for 2007, the tendency of relative reduction of incomes of pensioners will proceed and next year in spite of the fact that receipts in PF in the first half of the year exceed the plan. PF urges to continue struggle with salaries in envelopes - in its opinion, a problem in them.
Incomes of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation could grow on third if all employers paid to employees ` white ` the salary - the press - release PF is told in extended on August, 30th. There have paid attention that by results of the receipt first half of the year 2006 in PF have exceeded the plan on 4 - 5 %, and on the basis of it have drawn a conclusion that Employers began to approach more responsibly to transfer of social payments . However, literally following phrase calls this conclusion into question - in PF consider that on - former every third rouble in the country is paid ` grey ` by money .

If really not planned growth of receipts in PF is connected not with big, than it was expected, growth of salaries, and with growth of a collecting of the uniform social tax, also a proportion grey salaries should change. In PF yesterday did not begin neither to make comments on this contradiction, nor to explain the reasons of the message. However yesterday it became clear, with what interest PF to legalisation of salaries is connected.

According to given Rosstata, despite growth of pensions both in nominal, and in real (taking into account inflation) expression, the Russian pensioners become rather poorer. The tendency of reduction of the relation of average pension to the average salary proceeds - still one and a half years ago it made 28,4 %, one year ago - 26,9 %, and in July, 2006 - only 24,3 %. In July, 2006 the average pension made 2730 rbl., having increased in comparison with July, 2005 in nominal expression by 17,4 % and on 7,5 % in the real. For the same period the nominal salary has grown on 28,6 %, real - on 17,7 %.

PF, according to the legislation, operates only the expenses, its profitable part define the government and tax specialists. Nevertheless the part of responsibility for well-being not only present, but also the future pensioners lies on it. As underline in fund, the salary in an envelope deprives of the person of the future pension and social security. However, the maximum influence eradication grey Salaries will render on present pensioners - if estimations PF are true, growth of receipts can and solve a problem of deficiency PF, and give the chance is considerable to raise pensions.

PF the first department which has paid in last half a year attention on " is far not; konvertnye salaries. With participation FNS on all country the interdepartmental commissions which should convince or force to pay employers only " are already created; white salaries. Last time scale campaign for eradication salaries in envelopes has passed in Russia in the end of 90 - h under the direction of the head of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection of that time Alexander Pochinka. It is not excluded that in 2007 administrative struggle with konvertnymi salaries will turn to similar nation-wide campaign.