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Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources is late on Sakhalin

Yesterday it became known about new claims of the authorities to company Sakhalin Energy, the operator of the project Sakhalin - 2 . Officials have threatened to deprive the company of the licence for water use, to get criminal case on one of contractors, and also to continue checks on objects Sakhalin Energy till November. Experts do not exclude that the Russian authorities intentionally depreciate an active which is interesting to Gazprom .
Yesterday Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources has officially reported about results of check of sea objects of the project Sakhalin - 2 finished on August, 21st. the facts of dump of waters with the raised maintenance of oil products from a platform ` Molikpak ` " have been elicited; - it is told in the ministry message. Check materials will be directed to Federal agency of water resources With the petition for carrying out of administrative investigation and, in case of acknowledgement of the revealed facts, the beginning of procedure of licence withdrawal on water use . In the certificate (its copy is available on hand) it is specified that excess of concentration of oil products has really been fixed in March and November, 2005 and has made 0,06 mg/ l. The professor of chair of ichthyology of the Moscow State University Evgenie Krikunov has informed that admissible concentration makes 0,05 mg/ l, having specified that are fixed, thus, deviations within an error .

the Project Sakhalin - 2 it is realised on the terms of the agreement on production section. Shareholders Sakhalin Energy are English - Dutch Royal Dutch/ Shell (55 %), Japanese Mitsui (25 %) and Mitsubishi (20 %). Within the limits of the project Piltun - the Astohsky and Lunsky deposits accustom, taken which stocks are estimated in 150 million t oil and 500 mlrd gas cubic metre.

Besides, Rosprirodnadzor has informed yesterday that has addressed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor with the request to inspect one of contractors Sakhalin Energy - the companies Svarochno - assembly trust which, stacking the pipeline, has caused a landslip therefore was the serious damage is caused to the state wood fund . We will remind, earlier from - for claims of Rosprirodnadzora Sakhalin Energy has suspended works on building of a part of a site of the land pipeline (see from August, 28th).

At last, it was found out that it is finished only the first stage of complex check Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources. One month ago the ministry informed that complex check it will be finished by August, 25th. However in the communique extended yesterday it is underlined that In the near future Ministries for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources and Rosprirodnadzor will define conditions of carrying out of the second stage of check with commission departure directly to the place of project realisation. It is supposed that it will be begun and finished during the period from September till November . In Rosprirodnadzore have informed that while activity Sakhalin - 2 inspectors only local management of department studied, and now colleagues will join them from Moscow.

experts connect problems Sakhalin Energy with interest Gazprom to participation in the project. We will remind, one year ago the company has begun negotiations with Shell about acquisition 25 - a percentage share in the project. However the transaction is not finished till now also the parties continue negotiations about its conditions. The employee of Japanese scientific research institute of global questions of the world of Atsumi Masahiro, acting yesterday at the Sakhalin forum - 2006, under the message Interfax has declared: Participants of the project positively concern inclusion in it ` Gazprom `, counting that it becomes powerful co-ordinating force. But if it will appear that the Russian government really makes the actions, depreciating this project it will be an occasion to serious anxiety .